Police Are Called Often To The House Of ‘RHOC’ Star Kelly Dodd

Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd has reportedly gotten familiar with the local police. And it’s not that others necessarily have called the police on Kelly Dodd and her husband, Michael — Kelly and Michael Dodd tend to call the police on each other. According to the local police, most of the calls were for disturbances, and they were dispatched to “keep the peace.”

Even before Kelly Dodd’s first episode on RHOC, she had gotten into some controversy that smacked of racism. Dodd told a TMZ reporter that she “didn’t like black guys,” and that she “didn’t know any black guys.”

On RHOC, Dodd lost her temper a number of times, hitting back two-fold when she felt that another cast member had offended her. Dodd says she knows she has a problem.

“I know that I have a problem with my anger, but I’m a mom and I’m a damn good mom and I’ve never been inappropriate around children, ever.”

But the statement is odd because Kelly Dodd has had restraining orders granted against her by the family of her former fiance. Dodd allegedly sent her fiance’s 12-year-old child threatening texts after one of their break-ups.

“Tell your Dad and your mom to stop texting me. I will never go back to him ever… [he] tried to kill me! And everyone witnessed it! Tell him to leave me alone his texts are pathetic!”


RHOC star Kelly Dodd’s propensity for dialing 911 continued after filming of the current season ended, as there were four calls on July 20, 2017, alone. The Newport Beach Police are said to be regulars at the home of Kelly and Michael Dodd. According to the Newport Beach Police, the calls were placed within minutes of each other, and they were sent out to start “keeping the peace.”

The most recent call was just last month with a complaint call “from a cell phone.” This perhaps explains why Kelly and Michael Dodd have had so much trouble selling their house that they have now listed twice in the last two years, according to Radar Online.

“Dodd, 46, tried to sell the scene of the crimes last summer but was unsuccessful and relisted the property in March. The reality star is not a stranger to police visits either, as she frequently received restraining orders from her romantic partners.”


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There are several accusations of “hitting,” with Kelly Dodd as the hitter and as the victim. In 2013, Kelly Dodd called the police on her then-fiance Jeffrey Caldwell, telling them that he hit her. This resulted in Caldwell’s arrest, but charges were soon dismissed. Dodd then went back to Michael Dodd, who filed a restraining order against Kelly, claiming that she hit him.

Michael Dodd had Kelly arrested, and the only way that she could get the charges dropped was to attend 10 AA meetings and six months of therapy sessions.

The next round of restraining orders and police involvement was with her former fiance’s new girlfriend, whose child attended school with Dodd’s daughter Jolie, who is featured on RHOC. Dodd complained to police that her fiance’s new girlfriend was bullying her.

“[She] says, ‘Look at your fake bag.’ I, in turn, said, ‘Look at your fake hair, fake boobs, and fake lips.’ She, in turn, digs her nails into my arm, in defense I put my nails into her. Things are out of control. Things are escalating. I have been at this school for five years, and she comes and attacks me!”

Fans can expect no end in sight for Kelly Dodd and the drama.

Do you think it’s odd that RHOC star Kelly Dodd uses the police as her personal security patrol?

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