Fans React As ‘RHOC’ Meghan Edmonds Seems To Call Baby Daughter ‘Emotional Burden’

RHOC Meghan King Edmonds frequently shares her thoughts and feelings on just about everything but it sounds like she went too far seeming to complain about her infant daughter Aspen. Many new moms get overwhelmed, but as fans of RHOC have stated on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, most new moms don’t have round the clock childcare like Meghan and no full-time job. Meghan Edmonds suffered some serious backlash when she called her daughter Aspen “an emotional burden.”

It was on Meghan King Edmonds Bravo blog that she told her fans that she was dealing with enough things at home with Aspen that she didn’t need the adult women of RHOC bringing their own drama.

“These last couple episodes were a little difficult to watch – my hormones did not do me any favors. I have the emotional burden of a newborn, so I don’t want or need the emotional burden of drama, but apparently, there was no avoiding it.”

Meghan’s cousin Bridget has been her live-in help, yet Meghan claims she’s doing it all on her own.

“It’s hard to ‘mom’ by myself, even with help, because everything with a 3-month-old (and now 8-month-old) baby is new! Life is all about survival and getting used to new things.”

It’s fair to say that on RHOC it doesn’t seem like Meghan’s husband Jim is much help and on past seasons, Meghan seemed to parent Jim’s children from other marriages more than he did. But according to Meghan, her relationship with her step-daughters is also going badly.

“My older two step-daughters, I think could care less. Lauren’s 23 now and she’s planning a wedding and she’s like whatever,” she explained. “Hayley’s 19…I think Hayley’s the most unexcited. I think she’s like, ‘Ew, dad’s having a baby. That’s so gross.’ My relationship with Hayley right now is, it’s not in a great spot,” she said last September. “She’s 18, and she moved out of our house, and, she knows everything and wants everything. She’s trapped between an adult and a teenager.”

Meghan also mentioned in her blog that she was happy her mom was coming to visit so she can get some help with Aspen. Meghan King Edmonds added that some of the women who are stressing her out now also pushed her buttons during her pregnancy. But on social media, nobody is saying poor Meghan.

But fans on Twitter, in particular, had no patience for Meghan King Edmonds’ complaints about her infant and called her out. Many wondered why Meghan went through all the trouble of having IVF if a child would “emotionally burden” her.

“Poor innocent child. Maybe, hubby will get custody once he leaves the loser.”

Others are ready to show Meghan the door on RHOC.

“She’s a horrible person and I’m so over her!”

Some fans suggested that motherhood should increase her patience and make her more tolerant.

“One would think. But, she can’t get her mind off of herself. She wants to be a party animal with the rest. Sorry hunny [sic], those days are over.”


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Are you surprised that RHOC Meghan King Edmonds called daughter Aspen an emotional burden?

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