‘Real Housewives’ Kelly Dodd Has Disturbing Past, Reveals Bad Behavior Around Kids

Well, it seems that it’s not only the Real Housewives of Orange County that want Kelly Dodd to stay away, it’s also her ex and his family that have taken out retraining orders to keep her from sending vile texts to the former boyfriend’s 12-year-old son. Kelly had demonstrated an inability to keep it together around the women and other adults, but has sworn that she has her potty mouth in check around children. But evidence is surfacing that indicates that RHOC Kelly Dodd is more than just a loose cannon, and the ladies of the OC are right to freeze her out if Bravo won’t.

The first hint that Kelly Dodd was NOKD (Not our kind, dear) on the RHOC came before fans ever saw her on the new Real Housewives season when she made drunken racist comments to a TMZ reporter, according to the Inquisitr. Kelly Dodd told the reporter that she “didn’t like black guys,” and in fact, “she didn’t know any black guys.” When the clip was shown to Heather Dubrow, she promptly stated that she didn’t associate with anyone who spewed racist comments, foreshadowing the new season, when Heather made it clear that she didn’t hang with people who used gutter language.

Kelly Dodd seems to spend more time defending bad behavior than actually being a part of the RHOC these days. But Kelly swears that she has never been “inappropriate” around children. But Radar Online has broken the story that indicates that that isn’t true, and Dodd might have something else to defend. Documents have surfaced that says that Dodd was served a restraining order after sending “vile texts” to her ex-fiance’s (she was engaged while on a break with her husband) 12-year-old son.


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On the latest episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, Dubrow, who has made it clear after being called disgusting four-letter names by Kelly Dodd, was afraid to have her children in the company of Dodd and her hair-trigger temper, because of the “screaming and vulgarity” she displayed in the Japanese restaurant. Dodd was saddened to hear those fears, but couldn’t even respond without using questionable language.

“I know that I have a problem with my anger, but I’m a mom and I’m a damn good mom and I’ve never been inappropriate around children, ever.”

It’s ironic that Kelly uses the word “inappropriate” because that is the exact term used in legal documents filed by Dodd’s ex-fiance’s wife in order to protect her 12-year-old son from Kelly Dodd’s texts. When Kelly’s relationship with her rebound man went bad, and she was being blocked by him, she reportedly started sending texts, scaring the ex-fiance’s son.

“Tell your Dad and your mom to stop texting me. I will never go back to him ever… [he] tried to kill me! And everyone witnessed it! Tell him to leave me alone his texts are pathetic!”

Kelly Dodd denied she had any contact with the boy or his mother, Dana Caldwell

But more paperwork (see below) surfaced on Twitter, questioning Kelly Dodd’s behavior around children, even her own child, and Dodd seems to have gone off the rails, calling someone she seems not to know a whore, says All About the Tea, who has exclusive possession to the entire claim against Dodd. Someone who is being referred to as a “Twitter Troll” suggested that Dodd needed to get a grip, as her behavior on RHOC seemed manic and ever vulgar for someone on Real Housewives. The person suggested that Kelly make changes and stop apologizing, to which she responded angrily.

“You are a whore. How do you like that? Feels good right?”

Then Dodd went off on All About The Tea, saying that she did not call the person on Twitter a whore, but just gave an example of how it would feel to be called names.

But Kelly Dodd, who didn’t seem to understand that participating in RHOC would make many legal documents from her past public, has more explaining to do about her alleged treatment of children, as Radar Online has a complaint, filed by Dodd’s current husband, that indicated that Kelly “ditched her daughter for booze.” Michael Dodd put his complaint in words in their last legal battle.

“Since moving to Orange County, Petitioner has had the tendency to leave our daughter with Petitioner’s mother or with babysitters in order to allow her plenty of opportunities to go out on dates, to bars, or have girls nights with her friends.”

It’s starting to sound like the Dubrows have a point.

Do you think Kelly Dodd can keep it together for a second season of RHOC? Do you think the other women will freeze her out?

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