‘RHOC’ Star Kelly Dodd Allegedly Tries To Dine And Dash At Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant Pump

Rumors of Real Housewives of Orange County Kelly Dodd’s rudeness are being validated by the waitstaff of Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant Pump, when Dodd essentially pull a “don’t you know who I am?” when it came time to pay her bill. Dodd, who was accompanied by Vicki Gunvalson and some other guests, allegedly caused a scene when she had a meltdown because her friends had left her to pay the check.

Kelly Dodd is the “new girl” on RHOC, but she has managed to alienate all of the other women on the Bravo show at one time or another in one season. Dodd, who is known to have a foul mouth, has even managed to shock the housewives who have been mixing it up for years with her selection of four letter words, according to the Inquisitr. Dodd also made a comment to a TMZ cameraman that she did not care for “black guys.”

The manager of Pump that night was Collin Newman, and even though he claims he was amused to the point that he shared the story on Facebook, managing Kelly Dodd’s tantrum had to be stressful. Newman explained that Kelly Dodd had offered to treat her friends, but must have forgotten, says RadarOnline.

“After getting her receipt, she forgets having offered to pay and claims she is not responsible for what her friends ate and drank. This is the moment I witnessed a BRILLIANT demogorgon from Stranger Things impression. I mean, just beautifully executed. She goes full screamo on me about how it’s our fault she paid for everyone and how it’s now MY job to go find HER friends (whom I don’t know and never saw) so they can pay their portions.”


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Newman explains that as Dodd continued to lose her temper, he remained silent and let her go off on him and the server.

“I continue to say nothing and let her unleash fury because trying to reason with a drunk, irrational ‘Bravolebrity’ is a waste of my time,” Newman continued. “Ultimately, she pulls the ‘I’m on TV!’ card.”

Restaurant owners Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd of RHOBH were not at Pump that night as they were on a flight to Washington, D.C., according to their rep.

Former Vanderpump employee Kristen Doute chimed in with her thoughts on the embarrassing behavior on Twitter.

“Ew. She preferred tantrum over Venmo? And, doesn’t she know the only full grown woman-babies are on #PumpRules? ????????

TamaraTattles breaks it down, saying that she tried to give Kelly Dodd a pass, but the constant bad behavior is just over the top, even for one of the Real Housewives. Kelly Dodd’s alleged public drunkenness, in particular, is raising eyebrows among RHOC viewers.

“But your public drunk record is approaching Carlton Gebbia levels, girlfriend. I feel like I should send you a bottle of Milk Thistle supplements.”

It seems that Pump manager Collin Newman, as well as the server, did not recognize Kelly Dodd as one of the Real Housewives, and that might have added to Dodd’s irritation at the situation.

But TamaraTattles has a tip for Dodd, that this bad behavior in public does not reflect well on her.

“Oh sweetie. This may seal your fate as a one and done housewife. I hope you saved your checks. I’m afraid that freaking out over picking up a tab indicates you are not making much money.”

Now it seems that after the post on Facebook, there was some rather colorful back and forth between Pump and Dodd, and it has been stated that Kelly Dodd’s credit card was credited after another member of the party came forward and paid the bill in full.

Hopefully, this dinner theater has now been put to rest.

Do you think that RHOC Kelly Dodd needs to get her act together in public, at least?

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