‘Alaskan Bush People’ Update: Rain Posts Emotional Note As Ami Brown’s Cancer Worsens

Alaskan Bush People may be off the air at the moment, but Ami Brown’s struggle with cancer is still playing out for fans through the social media of her youngest daughter, Rain.

The 14-year-old reality star has decided to use her Instagram page as something of an emotional outlet as her mother battles late-stage cancer in Southern California, often sharing messages of hope with her followers. But Rain posted a particularly raw note this week after coming under attack from some mean-spirited trolls, saying that she won’t let their negativity get her down.

The incident started after Rain posted some short videos of herself singing, which drew venom from some commenters who critiqued her abilities. The Alaskan Bush People star was undeterred, posting on Instagram some advice to fans not to give in to the negativity of others.

“The best advice I could ever give anyone is that you control how people treat you, if you’re mean people will be mean if you are kind people will be kind, if you allow people to run over you people will run over you if you stand your ground everyone will know they can’t run over you,” she wrote. “This really applies to just about everything, you get what you give, just remember that what you put into the world is what you will get out???? stay strong my rainbows, #staystrong #stayhappy #rain-spiration”

Rain has been particularly upbeat as her mother undergoes aggressive treatment for her cancer. The Alaskan Bush People family left their home in the far reaches of Alaska and relocated to Southern California, where Ami Brown is receiving her cancer treatment.

Though reports indicate that Ami Brown’s condition continues to worsen, Rain has kept a positive outlook through it all, sharing uplifting images whenever she can.

While the family focuses on Ami Brown, there is some uncertainty as to whether Alaskan Bush People will be back on the air again. The Hollywood Gossip reported that the show remains in limbo as the Discovery network has not decided whether to bring it back again, though there are rumors that it could pick back up and show the family in Colorado rather than Alaska.

Monsters and Critics noted that the rumors of the new Alaskan Bush People season in Colorado are based on old reports, but said there is still no indication what will happen next. There are some good signs as viewership remained strong this season, with the show drawing 2.624 million viewers on the season premiere, where Ami Brown’s cancer was revealed. The show consistently finished as the most-watched cable program in its time slot.

[Featured Image by Alaskan Bush People/Facebook]