'Project Runway' 2017 Recap: Episode 6 -- Models Off Duty

The models on Project Runway 2017 called the shots tonight, as they served as the clients on Project Runway Season 16. Some of the designers on Project Runway Season 16 did not like this tonight because they were left not calling the shots. So, who went home on Project Runway 2017 tonight? Find out the Episode 6 results below in our Project Runway 2017 recap.

Last week on Project Runway Season 16, the designers had to create evening wear looks inspired by the movie Descendants 2. Half of the designers created "good" looks and half created "evil" looks. Even though they had two days for this challenge, the designers still struggled with timing. Aaron didn't put anything together and his look was a hot mess, so the judges sent him home.

The Challenge

As Tim Gunn took selfies with the models on a rooftop, Heidi Klum met the designers on the runway and was getting those selfies from Tim. The designers headed to the rooftop to meet Tim and the ladies, as the models were the clients this week. The designers had to create street style looks for the models that they can wear on a day off and also share on their social media. Not only will the models be showing off their looks on the runway tonight, but they will also be taking photos that will be shown to the judges during the runway show. For a change, the models picked the designer they wanted to work with tonight on Project Runway 2017.

The Workroom

After meeting with the models to discuss their looks, the designers headed to Mood to get their fabrics and then back to the workroom.

Tim's Critiques

Tim came in with the models to check out the looks so far. Tim said Kentaro's look is very much him and his model. For Shawn, Tim was worried about the top being too dressy for the pants. Tim told Ayana that the stars look like stickers. He said the letters on the arm for Claire's look are scaring him. Tim is surprised by the other side of Samantha's model and was excited to see this combination. He said the green is a commitment for Kenya, as he said it could turn into a long green bean and did not see fashion. He told her that she needed to raise the bar.

Back To Work

After Tim's critiques, the models had their fittings. Shawn continued to hate on the other designers, as she said she would not wear anything that Samantha has made. Meanwhile, she can't work or do anything unless Claire helps her. Kenya thinks Claire could make amazing clothes, but not if she always has to help her sister. Michal was not liking his look and Margarita was doubting herself as the night came to an end.

It's Runway Day

The designers headed back to the workroom, as they had time to finish up their looks. Claire decided to help Shawn finish her look and had to change her own look to get it finished. The designers all finished their looks and talked crap about each other the entire time. Tim Gunn came in and they headed off to the runway on Project Runway 2017.

Judges' Critiques

After the runway show, it was time for the judges to give their feedback on the top and bottom looks tonight. The judges tonight were Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and guest judges Georgina Chapman and Kelsea Ballerini. For tonight, the top and bottom looks came from Shawn, Margarita, Kentaro, Samantha, Claire, and Kenya. Here were the comments of the judges tonight on Project Runway 2017:
  • Claire - Nina said they missed a pop of color here. Zac said the piece looks well made, but it does not make a statement. Heidi said you could see her butt cheeks. Kelsea loved the top, but liked it better as two separate pieces.
  • Shawn - Zac said the pants look slick. Heidi said it is fantastic and photographed well. Nina said feminine and pretty always sells.
  • Kenya - Zac said this pops. Georgina said she has an ease and confidence. Heidi said she liked the green, but would have picked a different print.
  • Kentaro - Heidi said his model was the coolest by far on the runway. Georgina said it has a dangerous and masculine edge, but she was so feminine.
  • Samantha - Georgina said it is verging on costume. Zac said he has seen it before. Kelsea liked it better without the vest. Nina said the dress that Samantha is wearing, again, is the showstopper tonight.
  • Margarita - Kelsea loved the jacket, but would love the pants with heels. Zac said there is a major fit issue in the crotch area. Heidi said it looks cheesy.

Tim Calls Out The Twins

While the judges took a closer look at the designs tonight, Tim Gunn called out the twins. He told the judges that Claire finished Shawn's look for her, as her own look fell short. Zac said he did not like this and something smelled fishy here.


The designers were back on the runway and the winner of tonight's challenge is Kentaro. The bottom two designers tonight on Project Runway 2017 were Samantha and Margarita. The judges thought Samantha was a one-trick pony, so she was eliminated and no save from Tim Gunn tonight.

What do you think of the results on Project Runway 2017 tonight?

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