Barron Trump Taunted Online, Then Rosie O’Donnell Invites The Guy To Dinner?

Despite the White House and the majority of adults in this nation asking that Barron Trump be deemed off limits, as well as any kids of former presidents, it is evident today that people are still going to push the envelope. This time it was the producer of Modern Family who seemingly offered up a jab at Trump, using Barron as the vessel.

Danny Zuker was apparently referring to the clip that went viral after Donald Trump retweeted it last week. In that video clip Donald Trump is seen hitting a golf ball hard and then the scene cuts out and Hillary Clinton appears. In this spliced video you see Hillary get hit on the back with that golf ball and tumbling forward into the doorway of a plane. While many thought it was funny, it raised major concerns that the president himself retweeted the clip.

According to the Daily Wire, the Modern Family producer taunted Barron Trump by tweeting out the question regarding that golf ball clip.

“Does anyone know how Barron is doing after watching that clip of his dad assaulting a woman with a golf ball?” he asked. This appeared to be a throwback to the reports about how upset Barron became after seeing Kathy Griffin’s picture of her holding a mock severed head of Trump.

Zuker confirmed in a tweet a little later on that it was in reference to Kathy Griffin’s photo and the effect it had on Barron Trump. He tweeted that explanation just after people started to hop on Twitter to give him a piece of their minds. People conveyed that the Trump-Hillary clip was a joke and it pictured two adults, not children.

“I actually wasn’t upset by it. Merely pointing out when Kathy Griffin took that picture the first person Trump’s people invoked was Barron,” he responded about that Trump-Hillary clip.

The jab using Barron has left people unhappy with him online today, as there are plenty of ways to crack a joke without using the 11-year-old son of the president to do so, as some pointed out. According to the Western Journal, Rosie O’Donnell appeared to be one of the first to comment on this tweet. She writes simply, “Oh Danny….dinner?” Zuker replies “Any time any place!”

Barron Trump walks with his mom and dad away from Marine One

Zuker received tweets about his use of Barron’s name and some were in the form of a reprimand for doing so, like the following tweets.

“I think Barron is 100% off limits. He’s a child. Leave him out of the conversation,” AttentiveandOutraged wrote.

“Barron shouldn’t be targeted. Trump used him as a defense to ppl not posting violent images about him. No harm was meant w/ that comment,” Mayday tweeted.

“Barron is a kid. Leave him out of it,” Jeff Meland tweeted.

Barron Trump walks with his mom and dad across White House lawn.

Rosie jumping in and asking to take Zuker to dinner rubbed folks the wrong way, the Western Journal reports that both Zuker and Rosie O’Donnell “took their anger at President Donald Trump’s recent tweet out on his son, Barron.” She had been under major fire last week with some people blaming her for the suicide death of her ex-wife, because Rosie got full-custody of their adopted daughter, as WPXI reports.

This week Rosie got online and accused her pregnant teen daughter of trying to profit from the suicide death of Michelle Rounds, Rosie’s ex. This Twitter battle started when Rosie’s daughter revealed that she is pregnant and added that she didn’t want anything to do with Rosie, reports People Magazine. Rosie, who went after her daughter, Chelsea, in a series of tweets actually wrote, “Michelle’s death = money 4 Chelsea.”

With her own problems mounting online, Rosie didn’t seem to tread with caution by adding an invitation for dinner to the man who just used Barron’s name to jab at President Trump. It wasn’t that long ago when Rosie was the target of massive backlash for tweeting about Barron. People were furious and the backlash went on for at least a week over Rosie’s tweets about the youngest child of the president.

According to the Hollywood Reporter in an article from last December, Rosie ended up apologizing to Melania Trump for her tweets about Barron. Now, just 10 months later, the Western Journal suggests that both Zuker and O’Donnell’s tweets amped up social media.

“Their tweets sparked a Twitter war, with liberals trashing Barron Trump and conservatives attacking them for picking on an 11-year-old,” according to the Western Journal.

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