Gina Torres Confirms She Did Not Cheat On Laurence Fishburne With New Mystery Man

Gina Torres has confirmed that her 14-year marriage to actor Laurence Fishburne is over. The news comes after some scandalous photos went viral of her kissing another man.

In an official statement to Us Weekly, Torres announced that she and Fishburne discreetly began the process of ending their marriage last year.

“With heavy hearts, Laurence and I quietly separated and began the dissolution of our marriage in the early fall of last year,” the statement read. “There are no bad guys here. Only a love story with a different ending than either one of us had expected.”

Torres and Fishburne have one child together, a 10-year-old daughter named Delilah. According to Page Six, they were last seen in public together in December 2015. However, they’ve both appeared at events solo since then.

Torres was recently seen kissing another man while on a date in Los Angeles, which raised speculation that she might be cheating on Fishburne. But those rumors have died down now that she has come clean about their split.

Gina and her new man seemed very smitten with each other as there are several pictures of them kissing and at one point Torres tenderly holds his face in her hands. Gina was not wearing her wedding ring.

Torres’ new beau isn’t too much of a mystery anymore. Page Six identifies him as Kevin Wright, a solar energy investor and entrepreneur who is originally from Utah but now lives in Southern California. Like Gina, he recently ended a long marriage but his lasted 20 years.

He’s also reportedly Fishburne’s complete opposite. A friend of told Page Six that Wright isn’t the “Hollywood-type,” he’s more of a cowboy type that likes to ride horses. The friend added that it’s probably exactly what Torres needs after spending 14 years with a man who is in show-business.

The insider added that Wright would have never gotten involved with Torres if she was happily married. He apparently knew that she and Fishburne were on the road to divorce before they started dating.

Much like her personal life, Gina Torres is exploring something new in her career as well. Now that she’s left Suits, after six years as high-powered attorney Jessica Pearson, she’s going to be headlining a spin-off which will see her sashaying into the grimy world of Chicago politics. According to Vulture, Torres was the one who pitched the show to Suits producers and in true Jessica Pearson fashion, she got her way.

What do you think of Gina Torres’ new man? Do you prefer her with him or Laurence Fishburne? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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