‘Y&R’ Spoilers: Faith’s Horseback Riding Accident Could Be Deus Ex Machina That Resolves The Victor-Nick War

Young and the Restless (Y&R) buzz teases that the recent focus on Faith’s interest in horses and horseback riding, and her recent declaration of interest in competing in an equestrian event, could presage an eventual horseback riding accident that impacts the Newman family and forces Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) to call a truce that ends their feuding.

Faith Wants To Compete In An Equestrian Event

Faith recently told Nick and Sharon (Sharon Case) that she wants to compete in an equestrian event. Faith is obviously a horseback riding enthusiast. Fans would have noticed that she spends a lot of time at the stables on the ranch. She has shown a lot of interest in horseback riding lately. Her instructor confirmed that she is ready to take part in a competition.

A Horseback Riding Accident Involving Faith Would Reunify The Fractured Newman Clan

Young and the Restless buzz teases that Faith could have a horseback riding accident. She could be injured and end up in the hospital after being thrown from a horse.

Faith’s accident, if it happens, could be the tragic incident that leads to Nick and Victor calling a truce in their farcical conflict. The incident could also reunite the fractured family as members come together to confront the tragedy. It could also serve to promote what “Shick” fans have been anticipating — a Nick and Sharon reunion.

Victor-Nick Feud: A “Messy And Complicated Stuff”

Young and the Restless executive producer Mal Young recently acknowledged the “messy and complicated” nature of the current storyline centered around the conflict between Victor and Nick.

Young made the acknowledgment while promising fans an entertaining storyline for the fall season in a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest.

Faith’s Horseback Riding Accident As Deus Ex Machina

Young and the Restless buzz suggests that Young could eventually be forced to resort to the deus ex machina device to resolve the increasingly “messy and complicated” plot of the escalating Victor-Nick feud.

Deus ex machina refers to a plot device the writers sometimes resort to after creating a “messy and complex plot” with an unresolvable conflict at its core. The plot device involves suddenly or unexpectedly injecting a new character, an unexpected situation, or event that resolves the otherwise unresolvable situation that has developed.

The deus ex machina is in effect a mop that cleans up the tangled mess created by the conflicts of a complex plot when writers are unable to find a mechanism intrinsic to the evolving plot that can resolve the conflict.

Typically, the deus ex machina terminates the self-propagating plot mess in a way that the audience finds satisfying.

Thus, an unexpected tragic horseback riding accident involving Faith could play the role of a deus ex machina event after the conflict between Victor and Nick has escalated to a point where the Newman family appears to be set inexorably down a path to self-imposed implosion.

Victor Is Set Inexorably On A Self-Destruct Course

Some fans have remarked about the farcical nature of the escalating conflict between father and son sparked by a minor incident — Nick tampering with Nikki’s (Melody Thomas Scott) soundboard at a charity event to prevent her from performing while suffering from an MS flare-up. Victor, however, mistook Nick’s action as targeted at him personally.

Victor has refused to stop his campaign against Nick despite entreaties from family members, including Nikki. The Young and the Restless fall preview indicates that he is set to make a move that will deal a devastating blow to Nick.

However, going all out against Nick could bring Victor into conflict with other members of the family. Victor’s persistent pursuit of the goal of ruining Nick would surely split the family. It is unlikely that Nikki would stand idly by and watch while Victor pushes to ruin Nick’s life.

A father attempting to ruin his own son financially over a quarrel that originated from a minor incident could damage his reputation before the members of his own family irreparably and lose their respect permanently. Victor’s actions could soon reach a point where writers find that so much damage has been done that writing a resolution to the crisis through normal conflict resolution mechanisms is nearly impossible.

One way to save Victor from his pigheaded commitment to a self-destruction course could be to introduce an event that not only forces him to stop at the edge of the precipice but also gives him a chance to rehabilitate himself.

Some fans have noted that if Faith gets thrown from her horse and is paralyzed due to a spinal cord injury, Victor could get the chance to redeem himself by coming to the rescue. He could find and hire a top surgeon who gives Faith the best care that money can buy and get her miraculously to walk again.

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