Kate Middleton Beauty: Young Women Seeking Surgeries To Achieve Duchess’ Dimples, Backlash To Kate’s PSA

There is no question that Kate Middleton has much to be envied. The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her incredible sense of fashion, her flawless complexion and her seemingly effortless grace. It seems that some Middleton fans are taking their admiration of the Duchess to a permanent level by altering their appearances to resemble the beautiful royal.

There have been reports of many young women undergoing surgeries to achieve the dimples of the Duchess, in addition to other admired stars. Times of India indicates the account of a young college student named Mona Lisa who opted for Duchess-like-dimples. The young woman paid Rs 15,000, went under the knife and is now proud of her Kate Middleton smile,” as the publication reminds.

Surgeons have determined based on statistics that it is mainly women between the ages of 16 and 30 who are seeking these types of procedures.

“People come to us saying they want dimples or a smile like a particular celebrity or model. Teenagers think it’s cool to have a dimple,” Dr Karthik Vishwanath, a plastic surgeon at K S Hegde Hospital, Deralakatte, stated.

Vishwanath verified that on average, the hospital does around 10 surgeries of this nature a month and the majority of patients who opt to alter their appearance to look like a prominent figure, are women. However, the surgeons do admit that more men are undergoing these types of surgeries, as well. The most popular male celebrity request is for Brad Pitt’s dimples.

Although Duchess Kate is mainly praised by the masses for various reasons, even the beautiful royal receives backlash for certain decisions or behaviors. When Kate Middleton first tied the knot to Prince William in 2011, she experienced a rocky start as a royal and earned the title “Lazy Kate” while she was easing into her new role.

Years later, and Middleton has earned praise and shaken off the nickname, yet critics are still taking aim. Recently, a PSA of the Duchess urging that children speak openly about their mental health with parents and others, was released. Not everyone agrees with this message shared by Kate, as The Sun relays.

Charlotte Gill, a reporter for the publication states that it does “more harm than good.” Gill insists that mental health concerns should be addressed in a one-to-one matter and not made to be a group lesson in a classroom setting.

“The media often talks about these figures as if they’re epidemic, and therefore justify a nationwide, one-size-fits all approach to tackling psychological conditions. But numbers actually suggest what’s needed is a nuanced, subtle method to dealing with mental health in classrooms, as we might do with dyslexia or dyspraxia – or any other developmental barrier that effects the minority of children.”

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