Ariel Winter’s Estranged Mother Speaks Out About Her Daughter’s Fashion Choices

On the heels of Ariel Winter posting a long rant about people shaming her for her fashion choices on Instagram, the actress’ estranged mother, Crystal Workman, is apparently speaking out about the decisions her daughter makes in terms of the clothes she chooses to wear. In the new interview which was published on September 19, Workman apparently voiced concerns over what Winter has been choosing to wear, while calling it a cry for help.

In the interview, which was published by Inside Edition, Crystal Workman claims that she wants to see Ariel Winter “have respect for herself.” The actress’ estranged mother told the media outlet that she feels her daughter needs to have “some class,” when it comes to how she presents herself to the world.

Workman even went so far as to point out a specific photograph that was published in different news outlets, which she found to be particularly concerning. In the image shot by the paparazzi, Ariel Winter is wearing a bikini and has one leg over her head, while she is also holding onto a martini glass. According to Workman, when she saw the photo of her daughter, all she could do was cry. She also said that the picture actually made her feel bad for Ariel.

Crystal Workman shared with the news outlet that she believes Ariel Winter “is starving for attention.” The actress’ mother said that she feels “that this is a cry for help from my child.”

While Crystal Workman is calling out her daughter’s fashion choices in this interview, as Us Weekly reports, she is also indicating that she wants to mend her relationship with Ariel Winter. Workman said that at one point she and Ariel were inseparable, and that her daughter was “my baby doll.”

Ariel Winter’s mother said she believes “it’s time to fix your relationship with your mom,” because not only does every girl need to have her mother in her life, but every mother needs and deserves to have their daughter.

Although Crystal Workman seems to want to mend her relationship with Ariel Winter, in previous interviews with the actress, she has stated that her mother was not supportive of her. She even blamed her mother for many of her insecurities, while crediting her sister for making her feel beautiful. According to Winter, “it’s about learning to love yourself.”

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