Backstage News About How Vince McMahon’s Opinion Of Kevin Owens Has Changed

Last week on SmackDown Live, the show came to an end with the confrontation between Kevin Owens and Vince McMahon. The Hell in a Cell match between Shane McMahon and Owens has been booked for the WWE Hell in a Cell PPV next month. It only took a week for Shane McMahon to swear vengeance upon Kevin Owens, but the WWE Universe will most likely have to wait a few weeks before they come to blows.

However, WWE officials are unlikely to let that happen until the go-home show of SmackDown Live before the PPV. They’ll want to build the tension between Owens and Shane over the next few weeks and keep the momentum of Owens’ attack on Vince going into their match. There is no question that last week’s segment upped the ante for their feud, but it also says a great deal about the relationship between Owens and Vince.

It’s been reported that Vince McMahon hasn’t always been high on Kevin Owens. Even as recently as a few months ago, all the work Owens did in NXT, as the WWE Universal Champion, and has done on “the blue brand” wasn’t enough to convince him that Kevin Owens is one of his top performers. However, many fans are asking, if Vince McMahon wasn’t behind Kevin Owens, then why did he sell for him so hard last week?

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Shortly after the segment, it was reported that Vince took the beating from Owens to ensure that his angle with Shane McMahon gained a lot of momentum and it was also rumored to be a sign of belief in Owens. It isn’t clear when Vince changed his mind on the “KO Show,” but putting him over himself is a major seal of approval. Not only that, but it’s cemented Kevin Owens as the top heel on SmackDown Live going forward.

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There has been speculation about Triple H replacing Shane McMahon as the commissioner of SmackDown Live after WWE Hell in a Cell. On paper, it seems WWE officials want to book a long-term rivalry for Shane McMahon and The Game at WrestleMania 34. The original idea was for HHH to get involved in the match between Owens and Shane. Those plans have shifted, but it could still be the long-term plan. Heading into WWE Hell in a Cell, Vince selling for Owens may be the catalyst for something much bigger to come soon.

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