Debbie Speranza’s Viral Facebook Photo: 6 Women Wear Exact Same Dress To A Wedding But They’re Not Bridesmaids

Debbie Speranza has a new navy blue dress named after her, all because Debbie’s Facebook photo went viral, which shows a total of six women wearing the same “Debbie Lace Pencil Press” from Forever New. Speranza posted the below photo to her own Facebook account and Speranza also tagged the ‎Australian store named Forever New on September 17. Debbie joked with Forever New that the retailer should begin a bridal registry so that their customers would know if other wedding guests were buying the same dresses to wear as guests to the same weddings. Debbie explained that although her viral photo might appear as though she and the other five women are bridesmaids flanking the bride, they were actually wedding guests.

According to Newser, there were about 200 guests at the wedding, so the odds of six women showing up wearing the exact same dress were pretty low. Speranza wrote that it didn’t upset her that six women wore the same dress. Instead, Debbie commented on Facebook that she thought the dress situation “was hilarious” and once all the women stood together the “wedding guests were [like] WTF.” The Debbie Lace Pencil Dress cost $159.99 and is the first dress that shows up under the “Wedding Dress Guests” category on the left-hand side of the Forever New website, which could account for the popularity of the dress.

While Debbie received comments joking that more women should appear at weddings as “backup bridesmaids,” she informed her Facebook followers that she only knew one of the women in the photo wearing the same dress. Debbie’s latest Facebook post indicated that she was overwhelmed with all the attention the viral photo has brought. Debbie joked that she believed she deserved to receive a gift voucher for all the advertisement she was providing Forever New.

The description of the dress calls it one that allows for an “entrance-worthy appearance” for those who don the pencil dress made of navy blue lace. Tailored to flatter many figures, it’s no wonder the pencil silhouette dress was attractive to so many women. Made in China, the dress is comprised of polyester and elastane.

[Featured Image by SteveParsley61/Shutterstock]