WWE Star Paige Plans Return To Ring Following Suspension

Fans of British wrestling superstar Paige are in for a treat, as the scandal-plagued starlet is returning to the WWE following an injury and controversial suspension. The 25-year-old Paige, whose sex tape was leaked online earlier in 2017, will also be included in the new WWE 2K18 game, meaning fans will also get to enjoy her talents in the digital world, as well as the real one.

Paige hasn’t wrestled since her last match in June of 2016, and she continues to suffer from a serious neck injury. The wrestler had received treatment for her injury repeatedly, including at least one surgery, but Paige’s father, Ricky Knight, himself a wrestling promoter, has publicly voiced doubts about whether the injury has been sufficiently treated.

Paige has already been suspended two times by the WWE, and each instance was for violating its wellness policy. After her initial 30-day suspension from the ring, Paige was required to serve another 60-day ban after her second violation. Any third breach of the wellness policy will, according to WWE policy, result in her being fired.

Paige has also generated controversy in the past, after being seen in the midst of a heated argument with her partner, fellow wrestler Alberto El Patron, in public, although the couple had told Pro Wrestling Sheet that the incident was greatly exaggerated by the media.

WWE return for Paige imminent

The two-time Divas Champion recently took to twitter to discuss her sex tape scandal and the subsequent cyber-bullying she suffered due to it.

“I had days [where] I wanted to physically harm myself,” part of Paige’s post read. “How many people have to suffer because of the internet and the cowards behind the keyboard,” she went on to say.

The WWE has been rocked by six former of current stars having sexual images leaked online, per the New York Post. While many images and videos go viral only to be end up being fake, Paige herself admitted that her phone was hacked, and the WWE had done seemingly little to address the issue.

Paige returning to WWE action

Before Paige, whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis, can return to the wrestling ring, however, she’ll need to be greenlighted by the WWE medical staff. Such an evaluation will take place most likely around the end of August, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, but Paige seems eager to get back to the ring as soon as possible.

“Onwards and upwards,” Paige’s tweet about recent events concluded. “Just looking into the future and being happy!”

[Featured Image by Duane Prokop/Getty Images]