‘Little Couple’ Stars Jen Arnold And Bill Klein Return To TLC, Kick Off Season With Hurricane Harvey Special

People have been waiting for a long time for Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein to return to TLC with new episodes of The Little Couple and the time is finally here. Season 9 debuts Tuesday, September 19, and there is great stuff on the way. What can fans expect?

As was previously shared by the Inquisitr, Jen Arnold and Bill Klein left Houston, Texas, last summer and relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida. They spent nine years living in Texas, so when Hurricane Harvey hit the area they were heartbroken. Jen and Bill shared a lot on social media in support of the area, and Little Couple fans will see a special Tuesday featuring Klein’s return to Texas.

Arnold had tweeted about Klein’s planned visit to Houston after Harvey and TLC’s cameras went along for the ride. The Little Couple viewers know about Bill’s passion for animals and his dedication to his pet boutique Rocky & Maggie’s, and Klein’s visit focused on animals left in distress after Harvey. Reports detail that the Little Couple star’s trip to Houston included work donating pet supplies and food to shelters and communities that needed help for pets. The trip also incorporated various types of outreach to the affected communities in other ways.

People details that Bill visited the Houston area with his brother Tom, who is a fire chief, and his brother Joe, who has experience as a first responder. The Little Couple star Jen stayed in Florida with Will and Zoey while the Klein brothers helped people whose homes had been damaged by Hurricane Harvey. The Kleins reportedly visited Rocky & Maggie’s, interviewed a number of Houston locals, and handed out pet food to those in need. They also stopped by a local pet rescue that was sheltering animals displaced by the storm and Tom ended up adopting a puppy.

Klein and Arnold released a statement after the trip noting that they found the visit to Houston to be a humbling, remarkable experience and they hope TLC’s Little Couple special inspires others around the country to help and contribute too. Jen and Bill said that they had wanted to stand by the city they called home for nearly a decade and the Little Couple star and his brothers were glad to have the opportunity to help both people and four-legged friends who were in distress in Texas.

The Little Couple family had to evacuate their new home in St. Petersburg too, due to Hurricane Irma, but it reportedly sustained no damage. They stayed with her parents in northwest Florida and even squeezed in a trip to the Gulf Breeze Zoo to keep things feeling normal for Will and Zoey while they waited out the storm.

Zoey, Will, Bill, and Jen will share a lot of fun adventures with viewers this fall, including a trip to Scotland. People indicates that this vacation will be featured in Tuesday’s premiere, and the family spends some time in England too. Season 9 of The Little Couple featuring Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, and their kids debuts Tuesday night on TLC and fans are counting down the hours.

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