Did Thomas Ravenel Just Confirm That ‘Southern Charm’ Season 5 Is A Go?

Southern Charm fans are hanging on every word while trying to figure out if Southern Charm season 5 is a go and who will be back. The first hint came from Landon Clements, who said on Instagram that she wouldn’t be returning for Southern Charm season 5 because she was leaving Charleston and moving to the West Coast to pursue her dream of selling real estate in Los Angeles.

But it’s hard to know which came first, Landon’s desire to move to Los Angles or Bravo not extending her a contract for Southern Charm season 5? Other cast members have their opinions, as Landon has been a lightning rod for fan’s comments. But the now-blonde Landon had figured out how to get the nasty comments off of her Instagram account.

“I blocked those other people. Who needs that sort of negativity?”

A fan suggested to Clements that her personality was lacking on Southern Charm season 4, and she had broken girl code. She answered those comments and made her exit.

“That’s so silly I’ve never been anything but friends with all of those boys and actually that really hurt my feelings that Chelsea said that as for Shep we fight like brother and sister. I won’t be returning this season and heading back to California to pursue my career in real estate.”

The next hint that Southern Charm season 5 is a sure thing came from a Ravenel friend, Will Folks, and Fitsnews. As usual, Thomas Ravenel spills the beans without realizing he is doing it. But Ravenel’s tips were all over the place because when talking about his new plus one, Ashley Jacobs, he said he wasn’t sure if the Bravo producers of Southern Charm season 5 were going to sign Jacobs, but he hinted that she would be seen.

“Perhaps she could be seen at some events as my date.”

But then, Thomas Ravenel told Will that he hadn’t signed his contract yet for Southern Charm season 5. But Ashley Jacobs followed up, teasing what might happen next.

“If Thomas is signed, (I) may or may not appear in a cameo.”

It is hard to imagine that Kathryn Dennis would sign on the Bravo dotted line for Southern Charm season 5 if she knew she would have to film with Ravenel’s plus one, who lives on Daniel Island near Dennis. Fans can expect to see Ashley at parties with Thomas for the duration of their relationship.

But that leads fans to what could be a built-in storyline for Southern Charm season 5. After they filmed the Southern Charm season 4 reunion, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis once again hooked up. Thomas Ravenel met Ashley Jacobs out in Santa Barbara while he was playing winter polo through March, which is when they reportedly started dating. Kathryn talked about the hook-up on a podcast with Rachael O’Brien.

“I have never told anyone this, but after this year’s reunion or whatever, you know how in the past we’ve hooked up afterwards? That happened this year, and this is the first time I’m saying it.”

Rachael O’Brien asked if Kathryn and Thomas could ever get back together, but Dennis suggested he would have to learn to commit and be faithful.

“We could be. I mean, the thing is it would take a lot of work, and at this point in his life, I don’t know if he’s able to make that commitment to someone or something because he’s never had to be accountable, I guess, to someone else or whatever.”


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Ashley Jacobs can’t be thrilled that while she was dating Thomas Ravenel, he was hooking up with Kathryn, allegedly asking for another chance. O’Brien asked if Kathryn thinks he wants to settle down.

“No, I think that he wants to. Even when we’ve spoken off-camera, he tells me he’s lonely. He tells me he wishes that we could give it another shot.”

Kathryn Dennis and Ashley slinging mud might make good television, but it’s not what Dennis says she wants for herself and her children, so it is unlikely that the new Ravenel plus one will be a Southern Charm season 5 cast member.

Why do you think Landon isn’t on Southern Charm season 5? Will Bravo finally confirm that Southern Charm is coming back before filming starts?

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