Elsie Hewitt Pictures: Ryan Phillippe’s Ex-Girlfriend Goes Viral After Her Allegations Of Violent Abuse

Elsie Hewitt is going viral after her claims of violent abuse against ex-boyfriend Ryan Phillippe, with pictures of the model — and of her alleged injuries — spreading across social media.

On Monday, Hewitt filed a civil lawsuit against the 43-year-old actor claiming that he physically abused her and threw her down a set of stairs, People reported. Hewitt also claimed that Phillippe took a number of different drugs including cocaine and psychedelics and would be subject to violent mood swings.

Phillippe has been open in the past about his struggles with mental illness, telling Elle in 2015 that he has suffered from depression since he was a child.

While Phillippe is not facing criminal prosecution for the allegations, the reports of the alleged abuse went viral on Monday, garnering attention from a number of celebrity news outlets.

The viral allegations also drew a new spotlight on Elsie Hewitt, the 21-year-old model who dated Phillippe between April and July of this year. Hewitt actually amassed quite a following online even before she started dating the actor, with Maxim noting back in early April that she was becoming quite popular on Instagram.

The men’s magazine noted that Hewitt shared a series of racy photos and video for her 21st birthday on photographer Chris Applebaum’s Instagram page, showing herself wearing a pink bikini while playing with a birthday cake. The pictures and video garnered close to 500,000 views in total.

Elsie Hewitt shared more photos of herself on her own Instagram page, where she has close to 400,000 followers. She has a series of modeling pictures mixed in with some others from tropical vacations.


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Elsie Hewitt also got quite a bit of attention earlier this year when she and Phillippe first started dating, especially after the actor posted a shot of the two together at the music festival Coachella.

While pictures of Elsie Hewitt’s modeling work have gone viral, so too have the photos of her alleged abuse by Phillippe. A number of celebrity news outlets have published the pictures of bruises on Hewitt’s arms and back, marks she claims that Phillippe gave her during an attack. Those pictures can be seen here.

[Featured Image by Elsie Hewitt/Instagram]