Corpse Found In Gemma Ward’s Sydney Home, Australian Supermodel And Husband David Letts React

The body of a woman in her 50s was found in Australian supermodel Gemma Ward’s Sydney home. Gemma, who is known for dating deceased actor Heath Ledger, is now married to David Letts. The couple bought the said property for AU$1.6 million ($1.28 million).

The woman, whose dead body was found in Gemma Ward’s Marine Parade Avalon property, was living there with her son. Ward rented her two-bedroom beach house to the victim since she started living in Newport with Letts’ parents.

The corpse was found at 10:30 a.m. (local time) today. According to police reports, the woman suffered injuries. Soon, a crime scene was established in Gemma Ward’s house. Also, a man has been arrested near the crime scene. Reports suggest that the victim and the young man in his 20s knew each other.

Gemma and her husband David Letts have reacted to the news and called it “heartbreaking.” Ward expressed her sympathy to everyone involved in the tragedy.

“It’s heartbreaking news,” Ward told the Daily Telegraph.

Letts, on the other hand, said that he surfed with one of the sons of the victim. According to him, she was “such a sweet woman.” One of the locals has echoed Letts’ views and called the family “lovely people.” Gemma and Letts said that they had not met the woman in the last six months.

Gemma Ward has two kids with her husband David Letts. [Image by Don Arnold/Getty Images for David Jones]

Gemma was 20 when she famously dated Heath Ledger. The Australian actor spent Christmas in Perth with his girlfriend Ward in 2007. In January 2008, he died due to an accidental drug overdose. Before his death, he managed to finish his work for the iconic portrayal of The Joker in The Dark Knight. He later received a posthumous Oscar for his performance.

Gemma Ward dated Heath Ledger before the Australian actor died in 2008. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Heath Ledger’s death heavily affected Gemma Ward, who left the fashion industry at the peak of her career. She was one of the most sought-after international models at that time. According to the Daily Telegraph, she charged as much as AU$25,000 ($20,000) for each show, when she left it all.

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It took Gemma Ward six years to get back to the fashion industry. Later, she said that she was so depressed that she had to take a break and look at her life. However, she did not think it would take her so long before she could make a return.

“Since then I’ve lost other people in my life and it’s a tragedy but it’s a part of life.”

Ward has two kids with her husband.

[Featured Image by Don Arnold/Getty Images for David Jones]

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