Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Relationship — What’s Behind The Pregnancy, Engagement, And Marriage Claims?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx hid their affair from the eyes of their fans and media for almost three years but now as they both were recently spotted holding hands during a romantic walk in Malibu, California, they unofficially confirmed their relationship.

Even before they were together, different news outlets published a lot of nonsense about their personal lives. As many of our readers remember, it was not long ago when a few publication outlets reported that Katie Holmes is apparently pregnant. Inquisitr debunked that nonsense about the actress’s personal life as the rubbish reports had no authentic source to verify the claims.

“What I’ve learned about society today is that they’re so thirsty. Especially in tabloid world and social media world, they’re so thirsty to find any story,” Jamie had said during one of his interviews when it was asked about his inclination towards Tom Cruise’s ex-wife. “Sometimes when you read the stuff you’re like, ‘Wow! That’s so not true!'”

Now, as Katie and Jamie are reportedly in a relationship, several reports are surfacing on an hourly basis about their romantic adventures. Many are talking about an alleged marriage, and there are many who are spreading false news about a secret pregnancy. So, what exactly is going on with Katie and Jamie?

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Engaged?

Earlier this month, Katie uploaded a picture on her Instagram handle. The adorable picture showed her along with her daughter Suri. However, it did not take long for fans to spot a ring on her engagement finger and many started to wonder whether she is engaged or not.

Life & Style reported that Katie was seen wearing the ring in front of her close friends but whenever anyone asked about her engagement, she promptly dismissed the thought.

The tabloid’s supposed insider added that the Dawson’s Creek’s actress is thrilled that her new boyfriend is finally making things “official,” something which she wanted for many years.

“Katie is thrilled that Jamie is ready to make things official. She’s wanted this for years.”

Gossip Cop debunked the fabricated news and stated that Life & Style’s alleged source did not have any authentic source to double check their claims.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Pregnant?

Back in 2016, when Katie and Jamie did not make their romance official, Hollywood Life reported that the couple was very thrilled when they found out that Katie’s pregnancy tests came back positive. A source close to the couple claimed during that time that both Katie and Jamie have proved to be excellent parents and they will be starting their new family together.

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“They’re both such great parents, and they’ve been talking about starting a family together for a while now. They added that fans should expect an announcement from the couple within in next couple months. They’re slowly coming around to the idea of allowing their relationship to be known but they want to keep it private for as long as they can.”

Apart from the previous reports from Hollywood Life, an insider from Australian tabloid NW also claimed that Suri’s mother is expecting another child.

“Katie’s always wanted a sibling for Suri and now she’ll have a little sister,” an alleged source claimed.

Similar to this, there were other reports pointing towards the alleged pregnancy. It has been more than nine months since those previous reports and none of Katie Holmes’ recent Instagram posts or pictures snapped during her red carpet appearances showed her pregnant.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Marriage Details

Holmes and Foxx just made their relationship public and based on their previous haste decisions, it looks like the couple would like to take things slow for a while.

Reports claimed that they both have been in a relationship from the past three years but chose to hide their affair because of Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology.

As their representatives have not shed any details about their marriage plans, it is safe to say to say that Katie and Jamie are enjoying their courtship and it would be some time before they will decide to marry.

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