Jeremy Roloff Reveals That Audrey’s Mom Is Pitching In To Help With Baby Ember, Still Does Not Mention Amy

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff currently have their hands full. With Baby Ember Jean Roloff recently being born and with some parts of their house still in need of renovation, the young couple is facing the pressures of parenthood and married life at the same time. Fortunately, Jeremy recently revealed that they have not been alone in the struggle, as Audrey’s mom has been pitching in to help with Baby Ember.

In a recent post on his Instagram Story, Jeremy revealed to his social media followers that things have been a lot better for him and his wife due to the help they have been receiving from Audrey’s mother. Jeremy’s clip featured the LPBW star in his car running errands, looking a little bit exhausted.

“So Audrey’s mom came over for a little bit to help, which has been just amazing. So I’m gonna run to the store and do our little list of errands, stock up on some stuff.”

That’s not the only good news that Jeremy related to his social media fans, however, as the reality TV star also stated that Audrey has started to feel better. Over the past few days, Audrey has revealed that she had been lacking sleep. Not long after, Jeremy followed this up by stating that his wife had been feeling under the weather.

Considering that she had just given birth and she is nursing Baby Ember practically all day, it was no surprise to see Audrey feeling exhausted about her situation. In Jeremy’s recent Instagram updates, however, he revealed that Audrey was finally feeling a little bit better.

“Audrey’s feeling a little better, which is nice.”

Interestingly, while Jeremy mentioned his mother-in-law helping out with his wife and child, the reality TV star did not mention his own mother, Amy Roloff, at all. Considering that Amy was completely there for her first grandchild, Jackson Roloff, it is quite strange to see that the Roloff matriarch seems to be keeping her distance from her child, daughter-in-law and new granddaughter.

This has caused several rumors to emerge once more, stating that the young couple might be distancing themselves from Amy. These rumors are, of course, unconfirmed. It is highly unusual, however, to see Amy be so hands-off with Baby Ember, considering how hands-on she was with Baby Jackson.

The reasons behind Amy’s absence in Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s household remain unknown. Regardless of the reasons, however, the fact that Audrey’s mom is doing her part and helping out Jeremy and Audrey with Baby Ember is a breath of fresh air for the young couple.

Do you think Amy should be more involved with her new grandchild or is Audrey’s mom all the support the young couple needs for now? Sound off in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]

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