Four Shot, Killed On Rural Road, Shooter Identified As Jeffrey Lee Michaels [Update]

Four people were shot and killed on a rural road, as we reported earlier, and more details are emerging about the incident — which occurred simultaneously as the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre gave a statement on the Newtown school shooting.

The four people shot and killed on the rural road have not all been identified as of 5 PM Eastern standard time, but the one woman among the four killed was named in press.

The female victim is Kimberly A. Scott, 58, of Duncanville. Scott was shot to death as she decorated a church for a children’s Christmas party.

The two male victims of the four killed on the rural road (described as an expansive crime scene by local authorities) have yet to be publicly identified. The shooter appears to have been one of the four killed.

The shooter in the incident on the Pennsylvania rural road has been ID’d, with police confirming the man was Jeffrey Lee Michaels of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. Michaels’ age has been reported as 26 by Gawker and 44 by the Altoona Mirror.

(The Mirror also has reported the shooter’s name as “Jeffrey Lee Michael, not Michaels. It is not currently clear which spelling and age of the shooter is correct.)

According to Gawker:

“[Jeffrey Lee Michael(s)] then left the scene and went to a nearby residence where he shot and killed another person. Michael then got in his pickup truck and drove off, eventually crashing into another vehicle. He exited his truck and shot the driver of the second car, killing him.”

man drops gun in theater

“… Following a separate head-on collision with a state trooper who was injured in the crash, Michael began shooting at responding troopers and was subsequently shot and killed. In the exchange, one trooper was wounded after being struck by a bullet in his wrist, and another trooper sustained injuries from broken glass.”

The shooter in the incident that killed four people on a rural road in Pennsylvania was said to have been fatally shot when State Troopers returned fire as they closed in on him.