‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 108 Preview Analysis: Freeza’s Heel Turn And Goku’s Unnecessary Feud

Next week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super might be both satisfying and underwhelming at the same time, with Gohan taking on what could only be the most sinister tag team in the entire Tournament of Power, and Goku going toe-to-toe with Universe 2’s strongest fighter, Ribrianne. The NEP for DBS Episode 108 was very brief, but it showed just enough to indicate that next week’s episode would be pretty intense.

The Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 NEP began with a scene featuring Freeza walking towards a smirking Frost. Considering the nature of the two villainous characters, there is a very good chance that the two warriors would be teaming up with each other. Freeza’s betrayal has been teased in previous leaks and spoilers of the anime, and based on the recently aired NEP, it seems like the U7 fighter’s heel turn would indeed affect his teammates in the Tournament of Power.

As noted by several members of the official DBS subreddit, the next parts of the NEP teased a confrontation between Gohan and the two villains. Gohan was briefly shown getting up after getting severely beaten, likely under the hands of Frost and Freeza. A skirmish was also shown in the NEP, with all three formidable fighters firing off blows against each other. Gohan was also shown punching Freeza in the face, which seems to indicate that the Saiyan would be able to hold his own against the onslaught of his father’s arch-nemesis.

Goku was also shown fighting Ribrianne in his base form, and from what could be determined in the NEP, it seems like the Saiyan would be having his hands full with the U2 fighter. As previously revealed by episode leaks, Ribrianne would be taking the fight to Goku after her God of Destruction, Helles, directly praises the Saiyan for his skills. This would cause the rotund fighter to give it all she can to beat the most powerful member of the U7 team.

The final scene of the NEP is quite interesting, as it showed Freeza walking away from Frost with a sinister smile on his face, as stated by noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship. This could mean two things — Freeza is either smiling because he is betraying the U7 team, or he is smirking because he is about to betray Frost. Either way, it seems definite that Freeza would be playing a huge role in the next Dragon Ball Super episode.

Considering Freeza’s heel turn and Gohan’s battle in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Ribrianne’s fight almost appears to be anticlimactic in comparison. After all, everyone at this point knows that Goku would be battling against Jiren in the next few episodes of the acclaimed anime. Thus, his confrontation against Ribrianne could be considered as almost unnecessary.

Nevertheless, the previews for Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 teased a number of exciting developments in the Tournament of Power. Gohan’s battle with Freeza and Frost would most likely be exciting, and Goku’s skirmish with Ribrianne, despite its lack of importance, would definitely be quite enjoyable nonetheless.

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