‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 107 Recap And Review: Master Roshi Faces Frost, Then Retires Like A Boss

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 107 featured the epic swan song of Universe 7's Master Roshi.

It’s no secret that the last episode of Dragon Ball Super‘s Tournament of Power was quite disappointing, with Tenshinhan getting eliminated without accomplishing much. This week, however, the acclaimed anime corrected all the flaws of the previous week, delivering an episode that was both satisfying and nothing short of awesome.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 featured the swan song of Universe 7’s Master Roshi, one of the weaker members of the Universe 7 team. Over the past few weeks, Roshi has been on a roll, eliminating opponents that outgun him in raw power. This week, Roshi faced his biggest threat yet, the overwhelming force of Universe 6’s Frost, as stated by noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship.

In terms of power, Frost and Roshi are a no contest. Being from the same race as Freeza, Frost is just about as conniving and sly as his Universe 7 counterpart. During the course of Dragon Ball Super Episode 107, Frost decided to target U7’s weakest link, Master Roshi. Unfortunately for Frost, however, the veteran warrior had yet another ace up his sleeve, and Roshi almost ended up sealing the U6 fighter with the Mafuba.

While Roshi was able to catch Frost off-guard, however, he ultimately failed to seal away the U6 warrior. This, of course, enraged Frost, which almost resulted in Roshi being gravely injured. Roshi’s situation was so grave that Beerus actually told Krillin to get a Senzu Bean ready, just in case Frost ends up beating Roshi to an inch of his life.

Fortunately for Roshi, he was saved by Vegeta, who decided to take on Frost in the old man’s place. With Magetta entering the picture, however, things became a bit more challenging for the Saiyan Prince. Roshi then tried to help using the Mafuba, but Frost was cunning enough to direct the attack towards Vegeta instead.

In a last-ditch effort, Roshi attacked Vegeta and Magetta, getting even more injured in the process. He did, however, manage to free his U7 teammate after a desperate attack. Once Vegeta was freed, the Saiyan was able to intimidate Frost and eliminate Magetta quickly.

In a rare moment of empathy, Vegeta advised Roshi to exit the ring before he gets too injured. Taking the advice of the younger, far stronger fighter, Roshi intentionally jumped off the arena, thus ending his participation in the Tournament of Power.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 is easily one of the anime’s most enjoyable episodes to date. Despite being outgunned yet again, Roshi ultimately proved that experience matters a lot in battle. His exit from the ring, of course, is no less than perfect, with the veteran leaving the fight on his own terms.

This has been appreciated by many Dragon Ball Super fans, with several members of the official DBS subreddit calling Roshi the current MVP of the Universe 7 team. Next week, however, things are bound to heat up, with Gohan facing off against Frost and Freeza and Goku going toe-to-toe with Ribrianne.

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