‘Dragon Ball Super’ Will Finally Showcase Jiren’s Power, Will Goku’s New Form Emerge Next?

Dragon Ball Super has been teasing Jiren’s power so much that some of the anime’s fans have become downright impatient. After all, with all the epic moments and action in the ongoing Tournament of Power, the Universe 11 fighter has done almost nothing. So far, all that Jiren has done is brood, talk, and fire one measly ki blast against U6’s Kale while she was going berserk.

If recent Dragon Ball Super leaks are any indication, however, it seems like Jiren will finally be doing something interesting in the Tournament of Power, and we’re not talking about a lame ki blast like he did with Kale in previous episodes. We’re talking full-on power intimidation against the strongest warrior in Universe 7, Son Goku.

According to the anime’s latest leaks, Goku would finally be starting his battle with Jiren on DBS Episode 109. Unfortunately for the Saiyan, however, the Pride Trooper’s power would be completely overwhelming to the point where Son Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue plus Kaioken x20 will be no match, as noted by fan-translator Herms98. That, of course, is some serious power.

Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form is already incredibly powerful, and with the Kaioken multiplier, it becomes even more formidable. During the Future Trunks Saga, Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue with Kaioken x10 was enough to repel the ace technique of Merged Zamasu, whose power levels already rivaled that of the franchise’s Gods of Destruction. This means that for all intents and purposes, Goku would be hitting Jiren with his most powerful attack since Dragon Ball debuted all those decades ago, and it would do absolutely nothing to the U11 warrior.

Considering that Jiren would not even flinch with such power, the Pride Trooper’s ki seems to be well into the realms of ridiculousness, and that’s according to Dragon Ball standards too. In simple terms, it appears like Jiren’s strength would be almost immeasurable, as stated by many members of the official Dragon Ball subreddit.

With Jiren displaying such power, Son Goku would likely get beaten down to a bloody pulp. As any true-born Dragon Ball fan would know, however, Goku’s defeat at the hands of the U11 fighter would no doubt lead to the emergence of the Saiyan’s new form, which has been teased over the past few weeks.

The power level of Goku’s yet-to-be-named new form remains unknown, but if Jiren’s own ki is any indication, the Saiyan’s new transformation would likely result in the fighter’s strength increasing to god-level, or maybe even beyond.

In a lot of ways, it is high time for Jiren to do something worthwhile in Dragon Ball Super. The character, after all, had been teased with such tenacity since the early previews of the Universe Survival Arc were revealed. If the teasers for Jiren’s actual fight with Goku are any indication, it seems like the long wait for the Pride Trooper would very well be well worth it.

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