Federal Agent’s Gun Found Near Body Of Murdered Mexican Beauty Queen [Report]

The death of a Mexican beauty queen during a gun battle between soldiers and drug traffickers in November has taken yet another dark turn: A US federal agent’s weapon was allegedly found at the crime scene.

It has previously been reported that an assault rifle found near the body of Susana Flores Maria Gamez was one of the weapons mishandled in the Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal.

Now it apparently turns out that an FN Herstal pistol (referred to as a “cop killer” by the cartels) that belonged to US Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Agent George Gillett was also recovered after the shootout in Sinaloa, Mexico.

CBS News contacted Gillett who was formerly the assistant special agent in charge of the Phonix ATF office and now is detailed to the ATF Hq. in Washington:

“Gillett acknowledged he once owned the weapon in question, but says he sold it in Phoenix sometime last year after advertising it on the Internet. He declined to provide the name of the man who bought it, but says he went ‘above and beyond’ what was required by law to complete the firearms transaction.”

According to FNC, Gillett originally bought the weapon at issue at a Phoenix gun shop but failed to include his home address as required by federal law on the necessary paperwork. Once again, US Sen. Charles Grassley is demanding answers:

” ‘Lying on form 4473 is a felony and can be punished by up to five years in prison in addition to fines,’ Sen. Charles Grassley said in a letter Wednesday to Michael Horowitz in the Office of Inspector General. ‘I request that you initiate an investigation into these matters and that you specifically examine whether Mr. Gillett was the purchaser as indicated by these documents, why the forms list multiple, inaccurate residential addresses while purchasing the weapons, and how the weapon purchased on January 7, 2010 ended up in Mexico.’ “

Gillett told CBS that he is a gun collector, but Grassley wants to know why an ATF official would be buying guns in the first place.

CBS reporter Sharyll Attkisson has almost singlehandedly been investigating the Fast and Furious scandal.

If Benghazi or Fast and Furious happened under G.W. Bush’s watch, the mainstream media collectively would be shouting from the rooftops and demanding answers.

Do you think the ATF is a corrupt organization?