Eric Bolling’s Son Didn’t Commit Suicide, But Allegedly Did Drugs The Night Before Death, Friend Claims

Eric Bolling's Son Didn't Commit Suicide, But Allegedly Did Drugs The Night Before Death, Friend Claims

Initial reports claimed that controversial former Fox News host Eric Bolling’s son, Eric Chase Bolling, committed suicide on Friday, September 8. And while an official cause of death has yet to be released, a friend of the late teenager claims that the younger Bolling didn’t intentionally kill himself, but had taken drugs and partied extensively on the night before he was found dead in his Boulder, Colorado, apartment.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, 21-year-old Wayne Carter alleged that Eric Chase Bolling had been “doing things” on the night before his death and sending videos of himself partying and taking drugs via Snapchat. This wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for the 19-year-old economics student, but Carter noted that Eric Chase had “stepped up his partying” over the summer as he was troubled by the allegations of sexual harassment surrounding his father.

As previously reported by TMZ, Eric Bolling parted ways with Fox News over these allegations on September 8, just hours before his son was reported dead.

“He was very into his dad and looked up to his dad a lot,” Carter told the Daily Mail.

“I’m not saying his life choices revolved around his dad but his dad was a huge role model in his life.”

These life choices, as Carter claimed, included the use of “college drugs” such as cocaine, marijuana, and Xanax. He also alleged that Eric Chase Bolling had previously dabbled in heroin use, but had mainly consumed the above substances and drank alcoholic beverages shortly before his death.

Regarding the reports that Eric Bolling’s son committed suicide, Wayne Carter said that Eric Chase wasn’t the type to take his own life. He believes that it was the young man’s alleged drugging and partying, particularly in the aftermath of the controversy surrounding his father, that had led to his death.

“I’ll put it like this – he was a partier. I don’t think he would have intentionally done it [killed himself]. But I definitely think he upped it once when he heard that news and that’s what caused his demise.”

The Daily Mail had also spoken to Eric Chase Bolling’s ex-girlfriend, 19-year-old nursing assistant and model Ciara Medlin, who remained best friends with Eric Chase up until the time of his death. Medlin didn’t comment about the teenager’s alleged drug use but described her ex as an “amazing person inside and out” and “one of the best people” she had met.

Likewise, an unnamed female friend told the Daily Camera that Eric Chase was “just an awesome guy,” an average college student who was extremely proud of his father and his accomplishments.

Although Wayne Carter isn’t the first person to suggest that Eric Bolling’s son didn’t commit suicide — Bolling himself had tweeted that there were “no signs of self-harm” at the scene of Eric Chase’s death — nothing remains official as authorities continue to investigate the case. A report from Patch noted that Eric Chase Bolling’s autopsy was completed earlier this week, though his cause of death won’t be made official for another six to eight weeks.

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