‘DOOL’ Spoilers And Episode Recap: Drunken Lucas Burns Bridges Across Salem Before Shocking Character Reveal

It’s Friday, and that means the last episode of the week for Days of Our Lives. DOOL fans have come to expect surprises and incredible cliffhangers toward the end of the soap’s weekly run. Today’s episode certainly did not disappoint.

The DOOL episode for September 15, 2017, begins at the Kiriakis mansion. Paul and Sonny are late for a meeting with Chad and Abby, but they feel it is necessary to break the news of the double wedding. Arianna will be a flower girl for Sonny and Paul, but she will also be walking down the aisle before Abby. Gabi looks taken aback at the news. Of course, Arianna can still be in the wedding, but it is unsure whether or not Gabi will attend.

At the cathedral across town, Chad and Abby are deep in romantic discussion. Chad lets Abby know that he was proud of her courage when standing up to the DiMera family during their disagreement the day before. On today’s episode of DOOL, Chad admits that he misses his job as CEO, but he is thankful for the time that he gets to share with Abby and their son, Thomas. The many fans of DOOL‘s “Chabby” character duo were undoubtedly glued to the screen when Chad told Abby how much he wants their marriage to be never-ending.

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Sitting down over a cup of coffee, John and Marlena are deep in conversation. DOOL viewers may remember that Eric witnessed Hattie, whom he thought was Marlena, drinking with Adrienne in her room at the Martin house. Marlena tells John that she cannot shake the feeling that Adrienne has some sort of connection with Hattie. Of course, the characters still do not know that Adrienne isn’t really Adrienne at all, but a doppelganger known as Bonnie Lockhart.

At the Salem PD, where Hattie is being held, Justin walks in as Adrienne (Bonnie) is begging Hattie not to give her up. Adrienne (Bonnie) is quick to make up an excuse by telling Justin that she is getting an exclusive for the paper. Hattie reveals that she had been working with the deceased Anjelica Deveraux. Bonnie is so relieved that she gives in to Hattie’s request for a favor. She talks Justin into representing Hattie in court. Hattie has yet to give up Bonnie as an imposter, but DOOL fans know that anything can happen in the land of NBC‘s Days of Our Lives.

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This Friday episode of DOOL was filled with anger and heated confrontations; all of which stemmed from Lucas’s drinking problem. Lucas went to the DiMera mansion in search of his mother, Kate. When she sees him drinking, Kate fires Lucas on the spot. Kate tells Lucas to think of how Will would feel if he were to witness Lucas with a drink in his hand. This comment fuels the fire inside Lucas, causing him to storm out of the mansion in search of another drink.

No longer caring to hide behind his secret, Lucas gets publically intoxicated. It is at this point on today’s DOOL that things go from interesting to climactic. Lucas runs into Gabi and Arianna in the square, wielding a bottle in a paper bag. When Gabi tells Lucas that he cannot have Arianna over for a sleepover when he has been drinking, Lucas spouts off, telling Gabi, “You make me sick.”

Today’s DOOL viewers watched in horror as Lucas then tracked down Sonny at the cathedral as he was preparing for his wedding with Paul, Abby, and Chad. Lucas physically threatens Sonny, telling him that he had better start lifting weights if he wants to stop him from seeing his granddaughter.

Sonny attempts to stand up to Lucas, who then begins again with his angry and drunken rant. Lucas tells Sonny that he is nothing but a coward who backs away when things get tough, saying “Like mother like son.” Lucas is sure to add a final blow, reminding Sonny that Arianna is Will’s daughter and not his. Driving the knife in further, Lucas blames Sonny for the death of Will. Sonny is visibly shaken by what Lucas had said.

Lucas, laughing maniacally at the idea of a wedding, assures the engaged couples that 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce, providing proof that one, or both marriages are doomed to failure.

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At the end of today’s dramatic episode of DOOL, Lucas is seen screaming at God within the cathedral where the group has left him. He blames God for taking everything away from him. Lucas has lost his son, the love of his life, and now has the potential to lose his grandchild as well. At this very moment, Will Horton (Chandler Massey) walks in the door. He has one simple, yet powerful line, “Dad.”

DOOL fans, what do you think about the return of Will Horton? Let us know in the comments below.

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