Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Answer Baby Questions, Spark Adoption Talk With Puppy Photo

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo were asked about their baby plans during the season premiere of Counting On. The couple doesn’t seem to be in any rush to get pregnant, but perhaps Jinger and Jeremy are practicing for parenthood by caring for a new fur baby.

During the season premiere of Counting On, the show’s producers interrogated Jinger Duggar and her preacher husband over how they feel about having children. Jinger let Jeremy do the talking, and he revealed that they consider baby talk a “hot button” topic.

“Um… Yeah. We both have a soft spot in our hearts for our little nieces and nephews,” Jeremy said after a short and slightly awkward silence.

“So when we see Spurgeon and Henry, it definitely makes us look forward to a family one day as well.”

Jinger Duggar remained silent after Jeremy Vuolo finished speaking, but she did smile and nod at her husband’s words. As reported by In Touch Weekly, the Duggar daughter has previously spoken about turning a room in the couple’s new four-bedroom house into a nursery, so she isn’t planning on remaining childless forever. However, Jinger may be waiting for one of her older sisters to move to Laredo before getting pregnant.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Duggar insiders have said that Jessa Duggar likes the idea of moving to her younger sister’s new hometown because it would give her more freedom from her parents and their strict rules about everything from what the Duggar children wear to what kind of music they listen to. During the Counting On season premiere, Jessa admitted that she and her husband were mulling over the idea of moving to Laredo. Meanwhile, Jinger hinted that she would like for her older sister to be living somewhere nearby by the time she and Jeremy need a babysitter.

“I know that it’s a blessing when you have kids to have somebody close by that could babysit and things like that,” Jinger said of the benefit of residing near family members.

However, what Jinger said next made it sound like she’s not exactly desperate to get pregnant.

“But at this season, Jeremy and I are really just enjoying being together, and it’s been a joyous time,” she added.

Jinger Duggar also shared her thoughts on having kids who are close together in age. Jessa is just one year older than her, and she revealed that she loved having a sibling so close to her own age to play with when she was younger. However, while speaking about the 15-month age difference between Henry and Spurgeon, Jinger made it sound like she would prefer to have a little more space between her own children.

“Ben and Jessa handled the transition from one child to two quite well. I think it has to be quite challenging, you know? I mean, I couldn’t imagine having two that close together,” Jinger said. “It’s a huge responsibility.”

Taking care of a pet is also a big responsibility, but some Duggar fans think that Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar have adopted a tiny puppy. Jeremy got tongues wagging by sharing an Instagram photo of a fluffy puppy lying on top of a row of religious books.

“These look like your books that you love so dearly. Any chance this is now your adorable puppy as well?!” one of Jeremy’s Instagram followers wrote in response to the image.

“Wait they got a puppy,” read another comment.

However, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have not yet revealed whether the puppy in the picture belongs to them. If it does, they would be the first Duggar couple to adopt a dog before having kids.

[Featured Image by Jinger Vuolo/Instagram]

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