Was ‘Real Housewives’ Joe Giudice Prevented From Alcohol Rehab In Prison Because Of Deportation Order?

Real Housewives of New Jersey Joe Giudice is telling friends and family that he hasn’t been able to get into an alcohol treatment program in prison because prison officials have banned him. Why? Well, according to Giudice it’s because Immigration and Customs have put a detainer on him because he’s not an American citizen. Giudice had hoped to get help for his drinking problem while behind bars, but according to a recent court filing, that has been impossible due to Joe’s immigration status.

RHONJ Joe Giudice has reportedly been allowed to work out and lose some weight while behind bars but has been barred from the alcohol rehab programs available to others. The subject of Joe Giudice’s citizenship came up when Giudice and his wife, Teresa Giudice, were being prosecuted for bankruptcy fraud in New Jersey. Teresa Giudice is an American citizen, but prosecutors discovered that Joe Giudice wasn’t. Joe was born in Italy, and while the rest of his family became American citizens years ago, Joe didn’t. Joe Giudice said he believed the process was automatic.

Now that Joe Giudice has been convicted, he has little or no chance of becoming a citizen, and reportedly, he is at great risk of being deported back to Italy when he finishes his time “away.” RHONJ Teresa Giudice has said she would follow Joe back to Italy, but the lawyer working on Joe’s immigration case, Michael Wildes, has asked her to keep quiet because saying that she and the girls will go to Italy mitigates the hardship case he is trying to build.

“No doubt it’s important for people who are famous to be judicious in what they’re going to say in public. If Teresa were to reveal that she would follow Joe to Italy, there may not be a genuine hardship to mitigate.”

The rule in federal prison (Joe Giudice is at Fort Dix) is that if a prisoner is under a detainer, then they cannot enter the program, according to the Bureau of Prisons website. At this time, Joe Giudice is scheduled to be deported “to his native Italy” after he serves his 41-month sentence under federal immigration laws. But a new filing is trying to get Joe Giudice into the alcohol rehab program because, at the time of his sentencing, the judge recommended that very program for Joe to address his drinking problem while behind bars.

But in addition to getting help from rehab, the program that has so far eluded Giudice has the power to reduce a prisoner’s time behind bars. If a prisoner successfully completes the 15-month program, their sentence can be shortened by up to one year.

And Joe Giudice’s latest filing describes the catch-22 of prison life. Giudice says that he is currently unable to fight his deportation because he is in prison, and because he’s been convicted and sent to prison, he is being deported. Prisoners are not allowed to appear before immigration judges. For this reason, Giudice says he has not been able to assist in the fight to stay in the United States after his prison sentence is up. Joe says he should be allowed to challenge his deportation while behind bars.


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RHONJ Joe Giudice is seeking to have the detainer removed or lifted so that he can change his status behind bars and get into the alcohol rehab program that will allow him to get out early to work on his deportation case.

Do you think Real Housewives Joe Giudice will be able to prevent his deportation?

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