President, Melania Trump To Visit Florida Thursday: Mar-A-Lago Damage Minimal, Chateau Des Palmiers Unscathed

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are scheduled to visit Florida on Thursday, September 14, to survey the impact of Hurricane Irma. The storm is being blamed for the deaths of 12 people across the state of Florida, and 43 deaths across the Caribbean, according to CNBC. However, amid the tragic loss of lives, President Trump and Melania may discover that their 1927 Mar-a-Lago property has escaped damage. According to the Palm Beach Post, photographer Richard Graulich captured a photo of Mar-a-Lago on Monday, and the description beneath the photo on the publication’s page reports that Mar-a-Lago seems to have escaped damage from the hurricane.

“President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate appears to have suffered little damage after the passing of Hurricane Irma in Palm Beach on September 11, 2017.”

The publication notes that President Trump’s camp is in the process of “still assessing” any damage that Hurricane Irma may have had on Mar-a-Lago and Trump’s additional properties that were in the path of the storm. According to the Palm Beach Daily News, Mar-a-Lago appears to have not suffered from any major wind damage, but it is unclear how the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach fared in the storm. It also isn’t known how the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter and Trump National Doral near Miami were doing in the wake of the hurricane. As reported by the Inquisitr, 50 photos of Trump’s $16.9 million Chateau des Palmiers in St. Martin were taken prior to the hurricane passing through, showing the extravagant property that Trump had placed for sale. According to USA Today, the mansion made it through the storm “nearly unscathed.”


A Mar-a-Lago Club member, George Buff IV, reported a maintenance worker’s assessment of flooding in Mar-a-Lago’s parking lot, along with three felled trees. According to the Chicago Tribune, Melania used Twitter to report that she would travel with President Trump to Florida on Thursday to view the damage from Hurricane Irma. However, it is not clear what cities in Florida that Melania and President Trump will visit.

It is not clear if President Trump and Melania will visit Mar-a-Lago while in Florida, and if the duo will visit any other Trump properties in Florida while surveying the damage brought by Hurricane Irma in the state.


[Featured Image by Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images]