‘OutDaughtered’ Rumors: Busby Family Headed To Even More Turmoil Next Season As Danielle Returns To Work

OutDaughtered ended its third season on an especially tense note, with rumors that Danielle’s desire to return to work could put even more stress next season on a family already struggling to keep up with four young children.

The show, which featured the adventures of the Busby family and their five children (a 6-year-old girl and 2-year-old all-girl quintuplets), often delved into the emotional distress that came from such a hectic household. That got even greater in Tuesday’s season finale, when Danielle opened up about her desire to return to work at the family’s spin studio.

As People magazine noted, Danielle Busby was hoping a return to work could help her regain her identity aside from being a mother.

“I’m really looking forward to the cycle studio helping me become me again,” she said in a clip of the episode. “I feel like I’m the woman that’s known as ‘that lady who has half a dozen girls.’ But I had a career and I loved my job, and I’m just really excited about it.”

That suggestion did not go over too well with Adam Busby, who snipped back that the could would have to “hire staff at our house now.” The tense moment between the couple was a major drawing point for the finale, but could have implications beyond this episode and well beyond this season.

There have already been hints of trouble within the OutDaughtered family, with Adam opening up last month about his struggles with post-partum depression. As People reported, Adam visited a therapist to help deal with the stress of trying to raise five young children.

“You’ve got to be able to take care of you, which is challenging with six kids,” the therapist told Adam. “It doesn’t just go away on its own. You manage it. You follow your treatment plan, and you make sure that you don’t end up worse than you were.”

It is not clear yet how the turmoil within the Busby family will affect OutDaughtered as it moves into Season 4, but there are rumors that the tension could play a big role in the show going forward. As Bustle noted, Outdaughtered has drawn good ratings largely because the family does not sugarcoat the situation, showing the difficulties they face both as parents and partners. Many critics also note that the tension around Danielle Busby returning to work could be a preview of what is to come next season, when they may have the added stress of two working parents.

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