‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: What Will Happen During Special ‘BB19’ Episode On September 15?

Big Brother 19 rumors about the special Friday night episode are all over social media right now. By now, every CBS viewer knows that the BB19 cast will film another episode on September 15. It is getting heavily advertised by the network as well as host Julie Chen. Not many facts have been released about the bonus episode, though, other than to note that it will start at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

So what exactly will take place? Well, the current Big Brother 19 rumors are that it will boil down to being a clip episode featuring some additional footage CBS viewers may not have seen yet. There is a lot of footage from the CBS live feeds that has not made it to network television yet, but that could change during this bonus episode.

Every season, CBS has a wrap-up episode, where the final three houseguests enjoy a nice dinner and champagne to celebrate making it all the way to the season finale. While eating, they “think back” to the biggest moments of the summer and relive them through clips. Typically, that is shown during the final Sunday episode, but that won’t be possible this season since the Big Brother 19 schedule for CBS has already aired its final Sunday night show this summer. The next episode after Friday night is the season finale on September 20.

Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott, Alex Ow, Kevin Schlehuber, and Josh Martinez are the only surviving Big Brother 19 houseguests, and they will participate in two eviction ceremonies this week. The three survivors will begin Part 1 of the final Head of Household Competition on Thursday night (September 14), which will likely be an endurance challenge that gets completed on the live feeds. It should provide a lot of additional Big Brother 19 spoilers for live feed subscribers, but CBS viewers may not learn the results very quickly.

The final HOH Competition is split into three parts. In Part 1, the final three houseguests all participate, with the winner automatically advancing to Part 3. Part 2 involves the two houseguests who lost in Part 1, typically in a mental competition or an elongated challenge in the backyard. The winner of Part 2 takes the other open slot in Part 3. During the season finale, Part 3 of the competition is hosted by Julie Chen, where the winner is crowned the final HOH of the summer. They then get to select who they want to advance with them to the final two.

There are going to be a lot of Big Brother 19 spoilers over the weekend, especially as fans clamor to find out what has taken place in the first two stages of the final HOH Competition. Will the remaining BB19 cast members actually compete without throwing it to someone? Could there be a surprising winner ready to emerge, or will the summer 2017 season winner simply end up being the predictable Paul Abrahamian? Stay tuned, because the next few days are going to be packed with Big Brother 19 rumors.

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