Kendall Jenner And James Franco Have Puppy Love On ‘Tonight Show’

Kendall Jenner has been busy with New York Fashion Week going on, but she took some time out of that hectic schedule to make an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night. With that visit, she joined James Franco for a fun game called “Pup Quiz,” which may have been the most adorable game ever played on Fallon Tonight.

For the game, it was an animal trivia game and Jimmy Fallon would ask each of them questions. If they got the answer right, they would get a puppy. If they got it wrong, their opponent would get the puppy. There is no harm in seeing Kendall Jenner or James Franco with puppies climbing all over them, right?

As far as the questions go, Fallon asked them about a dolphin-whale hybrid, the number of pigeons in New York City, the most popular dog name last year and more. It was a fun game, but we all just wanted Fallon to bring out more and more puppies.

Franco excelled at the game, as he was getting the questions right. Kendall, who wanted all of the puppies, couldn’t get a question right and it looked like she might not get any during the game. However, she got a question right and was loving all the puppy love.


The game came to an end on The Tonight Show with the “Final Puppardy” round. This is where Fallon asked them a question and the closest one to the right answer would get all of their opponents puppies. At this point, Franco had four puppies and Jenner only had two puppies.

While we wanted to see who the final winner would be (and see who would be buried in puppies), the cutest moment happened. One of James Franco’s puppies decided they need some love. Franco was getting a lot of wet smooches from the puppy, which is too cute not to watch.


In the end, Franco was closer with the pigeon question and he got all the puppies from Kendall Jenner. Six adorable puppies on him at one time, as Jenner sat by watching and hoping it was her.

[Featured Image by NBC]