‘BB19’: Jason Dent Answers Fan Questions After Angry Exit, Reveals Painful Plan For Paul

Big Brother 19 contestant Jason Dent didn’t expect the unexpected. During Thursday’s live double eviction episode, Dent was blindsided by his eviction from the CBS reality show, and he didn’t attempt to hide his anger. After Christmas Abbott cast the deciding vote in an eviction tiebreaker between Jason Dent and Kevin Schlehuber, the rodeo clown stormed out of the Big Brother house without saying goodbye to anyone. Jason Dent immediately told host Julie Chen he was blindsided by the Big Brother move.

“There’s a bunch of counterfeits in there and this was absolutely, 100 percent not expected,” Dent told the Big Brother host.

“I am blindsided!… I would like to go back in there for just five minutes.”

At first, Dent didn’t seem to know who to blame for his demise, but he didn’t rule out his former ride-or-die, Alex Ow.

“You gotta turn on your teammates, I guess,” Jason said. “Paul, Alex and I made a pact to make it a competition to the end and not split up the threesome.”

Jason added that even if Alex and Paul did not turn on him, he blamed them for not making sure they had the votes to keep him in the house.

After viewing the goodbye message from Josh Martinez that revealed that Paul Abrahamian had come up with an elaborate plan to get him out, Jason Dent slammed the Big Brother mastermind.

“Paul is now obsolete,” Jason said. “That was a blatant turn on friendship. Now he can take his bracelets and pitch them.”

Jason Dent still seemed to be stunned by his eviction hours later. Dent didn’t hide his shock during a Q&A session after his eviction. Even after viewing Alex’s heartfelt goodbye message to him, Jason blamed his former partner in crime for knowing about the plan to evict him for at least three weeks. Dent also said he now knows Alex and Paul had a final two deal.

In his most surprising statement, Jason revealed that he will probably only keep in touch with Kevin and Paul after Big Brother ends.

“I really want to get even with Paul,” Jason explained.

“I think he deserves pain, Actually I think he deserves a lot of pain. And he thinks he’s such a little bada**. I can’t wait to introduce him to my world. I’m going to invite Paul to my house…and I’ll be there to catch his back after some damage happens…He deserves to be arena broke, turned loose in an arena with a bunch of fightin’ bulls so he can see what it feels like.”

Dent has no plans to keep in touch with Alex Ow at all after Big Brother ends. You can see Jason Dent’s fan Q&A below.


Jason Dent’s angry exit from the Big Brother house was the second time this season that a houseguest left in a huff. Earlier this season, Cody Nickson walked across the glass coffee table in the Big Brother living room to avoid hugging or saying goodbye to the houseguests that evicted him.

Take a look at Jason Dent getting blindsided on Big Brother 19 in the video below.


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