‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Update: Amanda Stanton Dishes About Her Breakup With Robby Hayes

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 with Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes has provided romance for the couple while giving viewers extra entertainment. As spoilers reveal, the two are no longer together and Amanda will assert her feelings to Robby in the finale reunion airing next week.

Amanda Stanton saw a different man in Robby Hayes after they stopped filming Bachelor in Paradise. She dishes on their breakup to People magazine, which took place following the reunion taping last week.

Stanton, who thought she found love with Josh Murray in Season 3 of the show, saw possibilities with Hayes. She didn’t let her broken engagement with Murray deter her from believing love was imminent again on Paradise. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be for Amanda.

She says that Robby was interested in her as his girlfriend and she agreed to give it a go. Besides, she wasn’t interested in dating anybody else and she felt chemistry with him. The 27-year-old shares that the two differed on what a relationship should be. Amanda admits she puts all of her effort into a romance and likes it when the phone calls are answered and checking in to see how things are going is reciprocated. Stanton shares that when she saw photos of Robby with another woman recently, it became “too much.”

What about claims that fellow Bachelor in Paradise contestants made about Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes being together? When Vinny Ventiera and Daniel Macguire saw photos of Amanda and Robby together, they thought it was a bogus relationship. Vinny openly said it was probably to get more Instagram followers. Daniel surmised that it may have all been for fame since people act differently off-screen than they do while cameras are rolling. Amanda, however, denies her relationship with Robby was for any of those reasons. She claims that she’d never fake a relationship for the sake of fame and that what she had with Robby was a “real relationship.” Stanton continues that she’s “not sure” if Robby tried to make it work, but she certainly did.

Amanda says Robby indicated that he wanted a future with her, but his actions proved otherwise to her.

“Robby was somebody who was doing all these sweet things for me and saying that he wants a family and a future, and then we get off the show and all he wanted to do is party and not call me.”

In spite of the split with Robby Hayes, Amanda Stanton doesn’t regret going back on Bachelor in Paradise. Don’t look for Amanda to be back, however. It was too frustrating for her this time around.

“I’m done with all the Bachelor shows. I’m glad I came back this season, but I’m done.”

The finale of Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 airs Monday night on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT.

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