iPhone 8 Shortages Could Cause Nightmare For Apple Store Employees

On September 12, the iPhone 8 will be announced. The new iPhone is expected to be the biggest upgrade to Apple’s groundbreaking device in years. Apple released the first iPhone in June of 2007, so they have a lot of expectations to live up to on the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. The new smartphone should bring us a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED display, a glass body, advanced facial recognition (perhaps replacing the Touch ID), and wireless charging.

Unfortunately, it looks like there may be a limited amount of iPhone 8 smartphones released to stores at first. The Wall Street Journal has the news.

“Apple Inc.’s new iPhone, which is expected to be unveiled Tuesday, was plagued by production glitches early in the manufacturing process this summer, according to people familiar with the situation, which could result in extended supply shortfalls and shipping delays when customers start ordering the device later this month.”

The article adds that new iPhones are typically in short supply when first released, but the shortfalls of the new iPhone are more prevalent this time around. And this could be a nightmare for Apple Store employees, who will have to deal with tech-hungry iPhone customers lining up day and night to get the iPhone they want.

iPhone release day is always a hectic time at Apple Store retail locations. [Image by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images]

A regular iPhone launch is stressful enough for Apple Store employees. A couple years back, the International Business Times described what iPhone launch day is like for employees. Jordan Golson, a former Apple Store employee, summed things up.

“For the customers, it’s all Christmas morning. For the staff, it’s ‘Oh God, when will it be over?'”

In October of 2012, the iPhone 4s was the first new iPhone to be released on all major carriers. The short supply of some versions for different carriers had people camping outside of Apple Store locations for several weeks. In Costa Mesa, California, several Apple Store employees reported being harassed. Some were even offered “cash incentives” for saving a certain iPhone during the day so somebody who had to work can purchase it.

Here are some videos that show how the iPhone release date can even cause violence.

As the last video shows, part of the craziness has nothing to do with the intent of Apple store employees or customers. Many times, thieves wait for their victim to walk out and know they can get away with stealing an iPhone. After all, nobody will want to lose their place in line chasing them. Apple Store employees also have to watch for people stealing from inside the store.

However, Apple Store employees usually love their jobs. One particular Apple Store employee told NYMag that if you are a pessimist, it’s going to be tough for you to work there. You have to think of your fellow employees as part of your family.

“For a lot of people who work here, this is what they genuinely love to do. They love to solve problems. A lot of people live together. We have outings. People drink together. People generally care about their co-workers.”

Let’s hope that if there is indeed a limited supply of iPhone 8 units released later this month, Apple Store employees will support each other. With crazy and obsessed customers foaming at the mouth, the employees will need all the support they can get.

[Featured image by Brian Kersey/Getty Images]

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