‘Little People, Big World’ Star Matt Roloff Offers Recovery Help For Hurricane Victims Amid Oregon Wildfires

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff took to social media recently to offer help in the recovery for hurricane victims. Meanwhile, fans of the Roloff family’s TLC reality TV series asked how close Roloff Farms is to the current wildfires in Oregon. The Little People, Big World patriarch has posted twice to his personal social media accounts about the hurricane in Texas, and the most recent post is filled with comments from his followers asking if the “big fires in Oregon” are anywhere near Roloff Farms. Matt Roloff posted a week ago on Facebook to say that “he’s praying tonight” for all of the hurricane victims in Texas and Louisiana, but Little People, Big World fans are reminding Matt to not forget about “all those fires,” too.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in South Texas on August 26 as a category 4 hurricane and continued along the Gulf Coast to Louisiana by August 30, leaving behind flooding, death, and devastation, according to a recap of Harvey’s history by the Weather Channel. Matt Roloff from the long-running TLC reality TV series Little People, Big World took to his personal Facebook account last Thursday to say that he’s “praying tonight for all the people in Texas and Louisiana that are affected by these terrible storms.” The 55-year-old LPBW fan favorite also wrote that the Roloff family will “find ways to help” victims of Hurricane Harvey in the recovery and rebuilding effort.


Matt Roloff’s post from last Thursday was liked and reacted to by 10,000 of his over 600,000 followers, with over 300 comments from fans of Little People, Big World sharing their stories of devastation from the hurricane, while also thanking Matt for the prayers, and telling Matt to “brace” his efforts because Irma is due to hit Florida soon. While Matt’s first Facebook post received mainly positive reactions from his followers, there was at least one comment telling Matt that other states need prayers, too, due to spreading massive wildfires. After posting a couple of times about his grandbabies, Matt Roloff once again shared a post about Hurricane Harvey three days ago.

On September 4, Matt Roloff shared a video clip that was captured from his “friend David from Huffpost” that shows the flooding devastation from Hurricane Harvey. Matt wrote that he feels “horrible” for what the people in Texas and Louisiana are going through. However, Matt’s second Facebook post about the hurricane wasn’t met with as much positive feedback as the first. Several of Matt’s followers once again brought up “all the fires in Montana, Idaho, and Washington,” saying that the wildfire victims are “just as important” as the hurricane victims. A handful of the comments also ask about the fires in Matt’s own home state of Oregon.

Longtime fans of Little People, Big World are worried about the safety of the Roloff family members, as well as the large Roloff Farms located in Helvetia, Oregon, and asked Matt if the fires are “anywhere near you.” Unfortunately, Matt never responded back to comments asking how close the Oregon wildfires are to the beloved Roloff Farms, but Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff did let fans know on Wednesday that they are “feeling the smoke and ash” falling from the Eagle Creek wildfire. Eagle Creek is roughly a one-hour drive to Portland, Oregon, and the Roloff Farms is located in a suburb less than 20 miles from Portland.


According to KGW-TV out of Portland, Oregon, the Eagle Creek wildfire is only 5 percent contained as of Thursday morning, but weather conditions may get worse as the day continues for the “nearly 31,000-acre Eagle Creek wildfire.” The Eagle Creek wildfire was reportedly started on Saturday by a “15-year-old boy playing with a firework” and has since caused hundreds of evacuations and closure of “parts of I-84,” as shared by Amy Roloff. Amy Roloff also acknowledged that the wildfires are “such a tragedy and so sad.” KGW meteorologists reportedly predict the Eagle Creek wildfire will turn east on Thursday and Friday, pushing away from the direction of Roloff Farms.


Little People, Big World fans are also asking Audrey Roloff about the Oregon fire on her personal Facebook page, but the first-time expectant mom is staying quiet about the fires, as well as her now overdue pregnancy. The 26-year-old Little People, Big World star by marriage is expected to deliver the second Roloff grandbaby any day now but hasn’t given fans an update since she officially passed her due date on September 1. One day after her August 31 due date, Audrey Roloff shared that she’s “eager to meet” the “bump of love” she’s been carrying for the last nine months. Amy Roloff shared on Wednesday that there’s still no baby, and the Zach and Tori Roloff fan page on Instagram promised to update Little People, Big World fans as soon as Audrey delivers.

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