‘NCIS’ Season 15: Mark Harmon Talks About Fitness While Alleged Frail Condition Still Concerns Fans

Being one of the lead stars of NCIS since day one, the presence of Mark Harmon has definitely added to the success of the show. However, fans have started to notice that the actor is looking extra thin in NCIS Season 14, which led them to worry about his health.

Although he is one of the reasons why viewers got hooked with the action police procedural television series, many were suggesting that Mark Harmon (Leroy Jethro Gibbs) should take a break and get his healthy self back first.

While it is quite normal for Mark Harmon’s appearance to change since he is obviously getting older, people are so used to the NCIS Season 15 actor being fit since the start of his career that seeing him looking thinner than usual started concerns.

It is quite obvious that the 66-year-old actor is certainly not as fit as he was before when he was younger, but Mark Harmon revealed that he is definitely not allowing himself to be unhealthy.

Despite talks about his alleged frail condition, the NCIS Season 15 star has previously shared that he is still keeping himself active despite his age. After suffering a shoulder injury, Mark Harmon shared that he turned to Pilates.

The NCIS Season 15 actor is certainly still trying to keep himself in shape, but he is the first one to admit that he can no longer do what he used to do when he was younger. Although he used to do some extreme workouts during his earlier years, Mark Harmon revealed that doing Pilates is actually “twice as hard.”

“[Pilates] completely kicks my a**. [I had a] shoulder injury [that drew me to Pilates]. The physical therapist I went to was all about that. They kick your a** on these machines.”

Most people may not know, but Mark Harmon actually started his career as an athlete, so being fit is not just a trend to him but is a part of his life as well.

Meanwhile, Mark Harmon is still very much a part of NCIS Season 15 despite his alleged frail condition. Although he has not recently talked about the concerns regarding his health, the actor is proving to everyone that he still got enough gas in the tank to reprise his iconic role.

NCIS Season 15 will return on September 26, Tuesday, at 8/7c.

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