‘Daddy, Can I Go With You?’ Trump Says 35-Year-Old ‘Honey’ Ivanka Asked To Go To North Dakota With Him [Video]

President Donald Trump encouraged his daughter Ivanka Trump to come to the podium in North Dakota on Wednesday, September 6. This was after President Trump spilled the beans about how Ivanka asked her father to travel with him to the state. As seen in the video below, initially, President Trump said that Ivanka called him “dad” when she asked to come to North Dakota with him, but then Trump corrected himself and admitted that Ivanka actually called him “Daddy” when she asked to travel to the state with Trump. President Trump then proceeded to call Ivanka “honey” as he got the crowd pumped up about welcoming Ivanka to the front of the crowd. When Ivanka reached the podium, President Trump asked Ivanka to say a few words.

Ivanka spoke about how much she and President Trump love North Dakota, and Ivanka thanked the state for treating them so well last November. When President Trump took back over the podium, he encouraged Ivanka to kiss him before she returned to her seat. President Trump told the crowd that everyone loves Ivanka as she walked to the front of the crowd and left the podium, all the while entertaining shouts and catcalls. Ivanka appeared at the Andeavor Mandan Refinery in Mandan, North Dakota, with her father.

Ivanka met with a moist day when she left Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, to board Air Force One on Wednesday. And Ivanka didn’t travel alone with her dad; they were joined on the trip by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Ivanka carried a large black umbrella to shield herself from the weather. However, a political storm continued to brew, with a photo of President Trump and Chuck Schumer going viral from the White House in which the two political opponents looked cozy in the wake of President Trump going against his own party and making a deal that would extend the debt ceiling.


The fact that Trump disclosed that Ivanka called him daddy is being met with some derision on Twitter, considering Ivanka is 35 years of age and holds a position in the White House as advisor to President Trump.


[Featured Image by Charlie Neibergall/AP Images]