Martin Shkreli’s eBay Listing Up To $100,000 For Sale Of Wu-Tang Clan CD, But He Might Break It At Any Point

Martin Shkreli is a former pharmaceutical CEO who evokes strong feelings among people in the public. Now, Shkreli is back in the news due to selling what has been called the rarest album in the world, according to Newser. Martin has placed the album titled Once Upon a Time in Shaolin by Wu-Tang Clan up for sale, and thus far, Shkreli’s eBay listing has risen to a $100,000 top bid. That’s a lot less money than the $2 million Shkreli paid for the Wu-Tang Clan album, but there’s plenty of time for those bids to rise on eBay.

Martin can be seen in the eBay listing titled “Wu-Tang Clan – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin – Rare CD!” Shkreli holds a paper with a date of Tuesday, September 5, which lists the fact that Martin is selling the WTC album. The item condition is listed as “like new” for the album. However, Shkreli bought the album under the condition in 2015 that Martin is to keep the album away from the public for 88 years. Therefore, there’s no telling what the response will be from the Wu-Tang Clan if Shkreli is considered to be in breach of contract by potentially violating the terms of the purchase.

With more than nine days left in the sale, the eBay listing will likely rise in bids and attention. The description of the eBay listing states that Martin is selling the “one and only Wu-Tang album” after buying it as a gift to the Wu-Tang Clan for what they’ve contributed to the music industry. However, Shkreli said he got scorn instead from one of the Wu-Tang Clan members. Martin decided to put the album up for sale, noting that he might cancel the eBay listing at any point and, instead, break the album out of frustration.

Martin said that he wasn’t selling the Wu-Tang Clan album to get cash, as Shkreli has enough cash from his company. Martin admitted that he hadn’t listened carefully to the CD, but he wrote that he would pay up to $25,000 in legal fees for the buyer. Shkreli wants the Wu-Tang album to go to someone with a bigger heart for music.

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