Barron Trump School Photos? He Started $39,590/Year School Tuesday, News Van Outside: White House Begs Privacy

Barron Trump was able to quietly begin Barron’s first day of school on Tuesday, September 5, without controversies in the press over Barron’s style of dress, or any fidget spinner madness. As reported by the New York Times, Barron was able to begin his first day at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, without much fuss. The school is located about a half-hour drive away from the White House, situated approximately 20 miles away from the famous Pennsylvania Avenue address. Along with Barron, 23-year-old Tiffany Trump was able to start her classes at Georgetown University last week.

The 11-year-old Barron attended the prep school that First Lady Melania Trump said was chosen for Barron due to the “diverse community” and “commitment to academic excellence” of the coed school. Barron’s school has a small average class size of 15 students per class, and about six students for every one teacher on the 19-acre campus. The school also comes with a hefty price-tag, with tuition for middle school students like Barron running $38,590 plus a $1,000 enrollment fee. For high school students, the cost is $40,650 plus the $1,000 enrollment fee. The school choices that parents make can have a big effect upon their Secret Service protection. As seen in the below photo from 2009, President Barack Obama walked Malia to a limo at the White House’s South Driveway prior to heading to a parent-teacher conference at Sidwell Friends School in Bethesda, Maryland, where both Sasha and Malia attended school.

[Image by Charles Dharapak/AP Images]

The Secret Service wasn’t captured in any known photos for Barron’s first-day-of-school ritual, unlike when former First Lady Michelle Obama was captured on camera with a team of Secret Service agents taking the Obama girls to school on their first day. Barron’s privacy has been requested by the Trump White House, and apparently that privacy was closely guarded during Barron’s first day of school. Barron did not attend the progressive Sidwell Friends School that other White House children have attended, but the Trumps chose a school farther away from the White House for Barron. By attending such a school, Barron might get more breathing room and privacy than if Barron would have attended a school closer to the White House.

Whereas Tiffany’s tuition at Georgetown University runs $59,850 a year, and she posts photos to her Instagram account that clued in folks that she was in the Washington area, Barron’s private life is different. On Barron’s first day of school on Tuesday, St. Andrew’s appeared normal, save for the appearance of police on motorcycles and in cars, and a sole news van outside. Time will tell if those photogs captured photos of Barron, the Secret Service — and perhaps Melania — on Barron’s first day of school.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School [Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]

[Featured Image by Alex Edelman-Pool/Getty Images]

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