Tori, Zach, & Jackson Roloff Experience Harrowing Ordeal As Skies Turn Into Ash On The Way Home From The Beach

Zach, Tori, and Jackson Roloff recently went to the beach for some family bonding time. While the Little People, Big World stars were able to enjoy a fun-filled day, their trip back home turned into a harrowing ordeal that included ash-filled skies, a missed exit, and a car ride that lasted way more than it should.

Zach and Tori chronicled their family trip on Tori’s Instagram Story. The first video clips simply showed the family heading to the beach, with Zach driving their vehicle and Tori riding shotgun. In the next featured video, Tori remarked that despite the day being entirely clear, there was so much smoke in the air that she could not see the sky. Undeterred, the reality TV family continued towards their destination.

The next few clips that were uploaded by Zach and Tori featured the family eating in a restaurant and walking through a nature park. Zach seemed to be having fun, with Tori fondly remarking that her husband was completely in his element. The reality TV family has not shared any images of themselves on the beach. Tori, however, soon uploaded a picture of a dark sky, with the Little People, Big World star stating that the smoke followed them all the way to the coast.

In the next video on Tori’s Instagram Story, the reality TV star told her followers that she, Zach, and baby Jackson were heading towards Washington. The Little People, Big World star further stated that they were already “abandoning ship.” The skies were significantly darker then, and Zach, who was driving the vehicle, looked somewhat worried. As he drove, Zach held Tori’s hand.

Tori remarked that there was “so much smoke” in the area and that their vehicle’s windshield was already covered with ash. The next video that the couple shared featured the reality TV family still in their car, completely in the dark.

According to Tori, what was supposed to be a two-hour car ride home ended up turning into a four-hour trip since they missed an exit after they lost cellular signal. In a final video clip, Tori told Zach that they should never do something like that again. Zach responded that there were still things that went better than expected, since Baby J didn’t cause any trouble during the entire trip, and he was completely understanding of Tori after she missed the exit.

Oregon was hit by several wildfires during the past few days, with several blazes ravaging thousands of acres in the state. According to a report from The Oregonian, some of the fires in the area were so severe, Interstate 84 almost ended up being closed off. Commenting on the flames, the National Weather Service also stated that the blazes were growing at a rapid rate due to increasing temperatures and low humidity levels.

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