Samsung Galaxy S III Receives Premium Suite Software

The Samsung Galaxy S III is receiving the Samsung Premium Suit package in the United Kingdom. The new package adds several features to the mix including multi-window support and various camera enhancements. The upgrade is rolling out today but could take up to one week to reach all customers throughout the UK. The upgrade according to Samsung is carrier specific which explains the one week gap.

Samsung Premium Suit brings with it several nice additions including the ability to share photos and videos via Auto Share through S-Beam equipped NFC-friendly devices. Users can also take pictures with “Best Face” technology that snaps five image and then lets the user choose the best facial expression to keep.

The cellular manufacturer has also added a low-light mode to its smartphones, and it has expanded Panorama to 360 degrees.

Premium Suite also offers contextual awareness improvements along with Smart Rotation, which examines a users face to determine best rotation placement. Videos and images can also be tagged, and plugging in earphones leads to a contextual page. The earphones contextual page shows compatible apps to be used with a headset.

The US is expected to receive a similar upgrade in the next few months, and, once again, that upgrade will be carrier specific.

While many manufacturers fight to ward off Google Android fragmentation issues, Samsung appears to have streamlined much of its own processes to ensure maximum usability across various carriers and countries.

Here’s a video showing off the Samsung Premium Suite:

Will you be downloading the Samsung Galaxy S III Premium Suite software when it arrives?