‘The Boss Baby’: Viral Video Shows Everything Wrong With Alec Baldwin Animated Movie In Less Than 15 Minutes

Boss Baby

The Boss Baby recently received a loaded diaper filled with criticism and commentary in a now-viral YouTube video that targeted everything allegedly wrong with the popular animated film.

The Tom McGrath-directed movie, which featured vocal performances from the likes of Alec Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow, and Toby Maguire, made waves at the box office when it was released back in March. According to Box Office Mojo, the movie generated over $498.7 million worldwide, nearly$175 million of which came from domestic U.S. ticket sales. Estimates claim that the movie was made with a budget of $125 million, which means that The Boss Baby was a big hit commercially.

This is a very impressive feat for an animated film, especially when you take into consideration the fact that Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 52 percent rating. Therefore, even though the critics may not have loved the adorable adventure, it is apparently clear that the moviegoers did.

Keep in mind that the adorable movie was a lot more than just the actual baby himself. Without giving away any key spoilers (even though the 15-minute video is filled with them), The Boss Baby is a multi-layered, family-friendly film that focuses on a number of different topics, from babies and puppies, to family bonding and children making the transition from “only child” to “older sibling.”

However, popular YouTube channel Cinema Sins apparently decided to add the animated movie about a baby-sized business man to its growing list of dissected movies.

The Boss Baby was loosely based on a 2010 children’s picture book written and illustrated by 58-year-old Marla Frazee. Shortly after the book was released, it received positive reviews from consumers and critics alike. The book was even referred to as the “baby shower hit” of the year by Horn Book Magazine.

During an interview with NPR, Frazee opened up about the book-to-movie adaptation process and her thoughts on the overall experience.

“My involvement is like a parent sitting in the stands at a soccer game watching their kid on the field. I’m such a fan of animation and also have such respect for it. So I don’t have any real involvement except as a very enthusiastic parent.”

The interviewer also drew attention to the fact that the movie was only loosely based on the book. Frazee pointed out that the need for a significant amount of backstory was necessary to turn a 32-page picture book into a 90-minute movie. She further explained that one of the things that she personally loves about picture books is the need to be “spare” due to the relatively short length of picture books.

“You are trying to get as much emotion and story into that very spare form. Because the movie is a completely different form, I knew that there was going to be some kind of a story. As I’ve watched it develop, I think it’s amazing how tight that story has become. So I think it’s fantastical and funny, and I find it delightful.”

Regardless of what the now-viral video says about everything that was allegedly wrong with The Boss Baby, the box-office numbers have spoken volumes about what the moviegoers and fans have to say about the film. There is even a follow-up sequel in the works that is currently scheduled for release in 2021.

[Featured Image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP]