'One Piece' Episode 805: Luffy's Comes Up With A Strategy But Dealing With Cracker's Soldiers Still A Problem

The action heats up in the upcoming Episode 805 of Eiichiro Oda's hit anime One Piece. The previous chapter, which gave a short backstory on why Sanji ran away from Germa 66, is finally over and the anime's storyline will return to the exciting fight between Luffy and the Sweet Commander Cracker. Be warned, there are spoilers ahead.

Luffy's Unusual Strategy

It looks like fans will witness some kind of a battle of endurance between Luffy and Cracker in the coming One Piece Episode 805. At the moment, Cracker seems to have the upper hand. Luffy can hardly land a blow on the Sweet Commander as he keeps surrounding himself with the hardened biscuit soldiers he created. However, that is about to change soon.

One Piece spoilers predict that Nami and Luffy will team up and come up with an unusual strategy on how to counter Cracker's minions. Since the Cracker's soldiers are just actually biscuits animated by the Sweet General's unique power, Luffy concludes that the best way to victory is to just eat them all up.

Nami's Weather Magic Vs Biscuit Soldiers

For this, Nami's weather magic would prove invaluable as it will prove to be the biscuit soldiers' only weakness. Nami's rain will actually soften the biscuits just enough so that they become edible for Luffy.

However, even Nami's rain and Luffy's stomach might not be enough to defeat their tough opponent. At the moment, it is unclear if there is a limit to Cracker's ability to produce biscuit soldiers as he seems to be able to create them endlessly. On the other hand, Luffy's stomach can only hold so much food. If they keep fighting this way, the fight could be decided once the Sweet Commander runs out of energy to produce the soldiers or if Luffy runs out of stomach space to eat them.There are One Piece speculations saying that Luffy's eating of the biscuit soldiers is just one step of the plan. Ultimate, Luffy might just be using the biscuits he ate to store enough power to launch a devastating attack against Cracker to finally end the battle.

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