‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: September 3 Recap, A New HOH Takes Charge And Shakes Up ‘BB19’ House

Big Brother 19 spoilers from this September 3 episode recap include who won the Head of Household Competition and the Week 10 nominees for eviction. With just seven houseguests left competing for the $500,000 prize, it is an important time to hold power in the BB19 house. Somehow that fact ended up escaping a number of the people left competing, which has frustrated a lot of fans of the show. This Episode 32 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Sunday, September 3, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

During Episode 31 from Thursday night (August 31), Matt Clines became the fourth member of the BB19 jury. He was evicted by a 6-0 vote, which included a penalty vote for violating the Have Not rules in the house. Matt went on to join Cody Nickson, Elena Davies, and Mark Jansen in the jury house. Toward the end of the episode, host Julie Chen stated that due to weather conditions, they wouldn’t be able to do the HOH Competition, so those particular Big Brother 19 spoilers ended up getting revealed on the live feeds.

The episode began following the last Eviction Ceremony, with a lot of footage being shown from inside the BB19 house before the Head of Household Competition even took place. All of this happened before Matt Clines even got evicted, but it was important because Paul Abrahamian was convincing everyone to throw the HOH to Christmas Abbott. He sold it to them by saying that Kevin Schlehuber was the primary target for eviction. Paul then went to Kevin to also get him to throw it under the guise that Kevin should just trust him.

At the August 31 Big Brother 19 HOH Competition, it was revealed that it was the racing challenge, where the houseguests had to keep contact with three buttons until a screen on the other side of the backyard told them to race. Then they would run to the other side and hit a buzzer, with the last person getting eliminated each round. Kevin Schlehuber faulted on purpose to eliminate himself. Then Alex Ow, Raven Walton, Paul Abrahamian, and Josh Martinez did the same. This left Christmas Abbott as the HOH winner.

These Big Brother 19 spoilers were on social media over the weekend, with a lot of fans spreading conspiracy theories, but the episode clearly shows how Paul Abrahamian duped everyone into throwing the competition. It’s unclear who each houseguest thought they were fooling with the accidental falls, false starts, and taking their hands off the start buttons, but someone with a cast on her foot just won a foot race. Meanwhile, Alex Ow was excited about what had taken place, fully trusting Paul and Christmas to protect her.

After the competition, Alex felt so safe, that she volunteered to be a pawn on the block. While Paul continued to keep everyone feeling safe for the week, Christmas confirmed in a Diary Room session that she was definitely nominating Jason and Alex for eviction. Kevin was managed by Paul, Alex, and Jason were convinced that Kevin was getting nominated, and everyone else knew what was going to take place at the Nomination Ceremony. Unbelievably, nobody questioned what was taking place, each believing they were in on the secret.

Alex approached Christmas with a plan to even use two pawns this week, really setting the stage for what might take place at the Nomination Ceremony. It also showed how confident that Jason and Alex continued to be that Kevin was the one heading to the BB19 jury next. At the Nomination Ceremony, Christmas Abbott went with her plan, nominating Alex Ow and Jason Dent for eviction. Christmas told them that Alex was a pawn and hinted that the target could be Jason or Kevin.

That brings an end to the September 3 Big Brother 19 recap. A lot has happened in the BB19 house since the Nomination Ceremony took place, though, including the Veto Competition. A report by the Inquisitr covers Big Brother 19 spoilers that includes who won the Power of Veto and what should take place at the Week 10 Eviction Ceremony.

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