‘BB19’ Spoilers: Will Veto Get Used This Week, And Who Is The Main Eviction Target?

BB19 spoilers reveal some new information from the CBS live feeds. This latest bit of news follows the Week 10 Veto Competition, with a spot in the final six on the line for the summer 2017 season. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Paul Abrahamian won the Power of Veto earlier in the evening and has just revealed what he plans to do with it this week.

Recapping some of the other BB19 spoilers that have come out in the last 48 hours, Christmas Abbott won the Head of Household Competition, taking the power in the house after the rest of the cast threw it to her. Christmas then nominated Jason Dent and Alex Ow for eviction, setting up a situation where another duo could get broken up. She did this under the guise that the real target was going to be Kevin Schlehuber this week. It’s not.

Flash forward to late Saturday night, September 2, where Paul Abrahamian won the Power of Veto, earning control of the nominations and the chance to save one of the people on the block. This is where the latest BB19 spoilers come from, as Paul just had a conversation with Alex Ow about the Veto results. If Paul sticks with what he just said on the live feeds, he is going to use the Power of Veto to save Alex. That will force Christmas to name a replacement nominee.

The Veto Ceremony doesn’t take place until later this weekend, so there is still a chance that something could change with the plans of Paul Abrahamian. Jason Dent is the primary target for eviction, something that Christmas Abbott, Josh Martinez, and Paul set up ahead of time. There is no real chance for Jason to be saved at this point, because even if two people decided to vote against Kevin Schlehuber, Christmas would have the tiebreaker vote as the HOH. Jason is definitely joining the BB19 jury next.

Paul is in complete control of the game and everything is working out exactly as he has predicted and planned. Paul was just talking with Christmas yesterday about letting other alliance members win the Head of Household each week and that he would focus on winning the Veto competitions. It certainly opens the door for a lot of conspiracy theories to surface when fans and online subscribers see what has just taken place and time is running out for the rest of the BB19 cast to do anything about it.

Can anyone stop Paul Abrahamian from becoming the Big Brother 19 winner this summer? It’s possible that something could happen during the double eviction on Thursday night, September 7, but it seems like Paul has made so many friends in the BB19 cast that nobody wants to turn against him until it’s too late.

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