Jamie Otis, Doug Hehner Reveal Baby Photos, Postpartum Body And New Beginning With Their Daughter

It’s been almost two weeks since Married at First Sight couple Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner welcomed their baby girl into the world. Henley Grace Hehner made her appearance August 22 a little after five in the morning. After Doug and Jamie’s daughter was born they did not immediately release photos of her face, only pictures of her hand in theirs. After waiting more than a week, Doug and Jamie are sharing her beautiful face with the world and their devoted fans.

People was the first to share the photos of Henley and how things are going for the new parents. Jamie has shared she feels like Henley is a gift from her big brother, Jonathan, in heaven. Jamie and Doug lost their first child when Otis was four months pregnant last summer. After months of depression and feeling empty, the Hehner’s found out they were expecting their second child ironically on baby Jonathan’s due date in December.

Jamie’s pregnancy and now bonding with their daughter has brought Otis and Hehner even closer together. Jamie gushes that watching Doug with Henley and seeing how attentive he is with her just makes her love him even more. Doug feels the same about Jamie. Hehner says, “I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. The way Jamie handled herself through the pregnancy, labor and post-labor is amazing. She’s the strongest person I know.”

Another ironic fact about Jamie’s new baby is when she made her debut. Otis took to Instagram the day of the much anticipated solar eclipse on August 21 and joked that perhaps the eclipse would put her into labor. She shared a photo eating donuts with her niece and letting fans know she was still pregnant and had just seen her doctor that morning.

After the birth, Jamie shared her story with People who reported Otis started having contractions just as the eclipse was beginning. Otis admits she didn’t think much of the contractions since she had been having Braxton Hicks contractions for weeks. She went to the zoo with her sister and soon she had to sit frequently due to the increasing contractions. Jamie said as the eclipse became more intense so did her contractions.

Even with her contractions two minutes apart, Jamie continued to remain in denial that this may actually be labor. Doug and her sister forced her to call her midwife who insisted she head to the hospital. Otis, being a labor and delivery nurse, still thought the hospital staff would send her home since her water had not broken. Turns out she was wrong and was indeed in labor. Henley made her debut at 5:24 a.m.

Now that their daughter is here and completely healthy, Jamie and Doug are relieved and loving every minute of it. Jamie is rocking the mom life and even showed off her postpartum body on Instagram just three days after giving birth. Otis said, “I’m feelin’ like I can conquer the WORLD after pushing her out.” Jamie is proud of her postpartum body as all women should be.

Jamie and Doug are adjusting to parenthood well and it looks good on them. They shared with fans on social media that they actually got to get out of the house for awhile and went to dinner with Doug’s parents. Jamie has always shared how special they are to her and Doug’s mother Bonnie was even in the delivery room for Henley’s birth.

Congrats to Jamie and Doug on Henley Grace. These two waited a long time for this bundle of joy to bless their lives. Follow Otis and Hehner on social media for all the latest news on their new journey as new parents and to watch baby Henley grow.

[Featured Image by Brad Barket/Getty Images for A+E]