Beyonce Course Officially Offered At University Of Copenhagen, Classes To Focus On ‘Gender And Race’

Avid fans of Beyonce might want to consider going back to college and take a course solely focused on the diva herself.

In a recent report by the Telegraph, it has been revealed that the University of Copenhagen, the oldest university and research institution in Denmark, will give its students the option to take a course about Beyonce.

According to the news outlet, the university will officially begin offering classes on Beyonce this coming academic year. The class, titled “Beyonce, Gender, and Race,” has already started attracting attention from potential learners. Apparently, 75 students have already signed up for the course and still counting.

There were even claims that the interest in the course has required that the class be moved to a larger lecture hall, adding that the class has reached its maximum registration limit.

The news site also noted that the Beyonce course will be under The Department of Arts and Cultural Studies. It is expected to be taught in pretty much the same way as any other culture and literature class.

In an interview with TV2, Professor Erik Steinskog explained that the course will focus on the singer’s impact on important issues in the society, including gender, sexuality, and race.

The professor also shared that the Beyonce course aims to introduce and understand the concept of the “Black Feminist” to its students. Steinskog expressed his optimism about the course, especially in presenting Beyonce’s lyrics, videos, and powerful performances to his students.

“We will analyze her songs and music videos. There will be a focus on gender, sexuality, and race. One of the goals [of the class] is to introduce black feminist thought, which is not well known in Scandinavia. We want to explore the kind of entity feminism is.”

A Beyonce course is now being offered at the University of Copenhagen. [Image by Daniela Vesco/AP Images]

Steinskog also reiterated that Beyonce’s immense popularity as a modern day artist is essential to understanding today’s society, adding that her work is “a matter of academic interest.”

“Beyoncé is important in understanding the world we live in. Beyoncé is one of the biggest pop artists today, which makes her important in an analysis of contemporary times.”

Beyonce’s songs and lyrics will be analyzed in the said course. [Image by Daniela Vesco/AP Images]

This is not the first time that a university dedicated a course to Beyonce. In 2014, Rutgers University in New Jersey offered a Beyonce course called “Politicizing Beyonce.” Similarly, the course used the “Formation” singer’s music and career to “explore American race, gender, and sexual politics.”

Meanwhile, Staffordshire University offered a course on David Beckham that focused on “the rise of football from its folk origins in the 17th century to the central place it occupies in British culture.”

On the other hand, the University of Virginia has launched a four-week Game of Thrones course, which is a discussion-based seminar based on the widely famous books and TV series.

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