Michael Bates Keilen Opens Up About Fertility Issues On ‘Bringing Up Bates’

Fans of Bringing Up Bates know that Michael Bates Keilen has been having a few issues with fertility. Some people aren’t very open about this, but Michael has gone to her blog and shared issues. She isn’t keeping this a secret at all. Knox News shared about how Michael Bates Keilen opened up on a new episode of Bringing Up Bates about what is going on with her.

On the new episode, some of the family went to stay with Michael and Brandon. She was making food for dinner with her family and started to talk about what is going on with her. She revealed that she has done a lot of ultrasounds and blood work, but right now her fertility issues are undiagnosed, so she doesn’t know what the issue is that is going on. Everyone has watched her with her siblings and knows that being a mom is something that Michael really wants someday.

Michael admits that she cries a lot over this, but her sister Erin Paine explains to her that it is just fine to cry. Erin went through miscarriages, so she understands just in a different way. She shared that she found a fertility specialist that she likes and that people fly all over the world to see her. It doesn’t sound like Michael and Brandon will be moving anytime soon because she wants this person to help her out.

She went on to explain how sweet her husband Brandon is and that he prays with her about it all. She also said he will leave her sweet notes and get her coffee and things like that. It sounds like she has someone on her side through it all, which is important. She even mentioned that adoption could be something they decide to look at if she doesn’t end up getting pregnant soon.


Are you surprised to hear Michael opening up about her fertility issues? Are you happy to hear her being so open about it all? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss new episodes of Bringing Up Bates on Thursdays on UP. Michael will continue to share what is going on with her fertility issues on the show.


[Featured Image by Brandon and Michael/Instagram]